Why is She missing from the religions of men? Where did She go? Who was it  that pushed Her aside and why? We need look no further than the “shadow masculine” wherein the energies of fear, insecurity, shame, weakness and ignorance are embodied. Their “need” to control all people results in their own lack of understanding both who they truly are, and who She is too.

The answers to those and some even more penetrating questions are awaiting our desire to know the truth–truth that few religious men, if any, are willing to explore. The masculine has feared the power of the feminine for many millennia. Yet regardless of all their attempts to relegate Her to the ash heap of bygone eras, She will not stay there. She is returning today, like never before. She will take Her rightful place alongside the Light-side Masculine, as He too is awakening.

And, while there are many men and groups of men responsible for Her absence from the consciousness of the world population, it is the hateful male-dominated Christian church that I choose to focus on for this article. They have committed horrendous acts of violence in order to wipe The Goddess out of the literature and consciousness of the masses.


I’ve spent many hours reading and researching this issue over the last 36 years or so, trying to track down the answers to the questions I am asking. My earliest discovery of Her was totally accidental, when as a young minister, I was teaching a series on the Old Testament names for “God” (which I mistakenly thought was important, back then–46 years ago) when I came upon something that had been totally covered up by the church. I had been taught all my life that every name for that “God” in the Bible was masculine. The idea of the Feminine was absolute heresy.

So I did the research and was teaching a series on all those names, when suddenly I was totally astounded, almost dizzy in the discoveries I was making. I had always wondered, but no one had an answer to my question about why, very early in Genesis chapter 1, we find the statement: “Let US make the human in OUR image–male and female…” Who were the US? I’d been told that “God” was always “he” and nothing more. But right there it was. I sensed even at that early age, as judging from the obvious nervousness and unwillingness of the adults to answer that question directly, that there was a cover up. But at the age of 10 or so, who was I to press the issue?

Back to the Old Testament names. Then, right there in the middle of my search,    I discovered two names for The Divine that had been twisted into something other than feminine. The first one was Shekinah, which was the name for the most powerful Divine presence anywhere, as She came to be manifest in the Tabernacle of the Jewish worshippers. There was not a more powerful presence or manifestation of The Divine anywhere else in their history. Shekinah is a feminine name for The Divine. Wow, I thought, how am I to tell this church audience about this? The truth is, I didn’t. Why would I, at the age of 29 tell   these people something that would get me thrown out on my ear?

But then, it happened again. So many times in those passages I found “The Almighty” which always, supposedly, refers to a male god, at least in the church’s bible. And, each time it is speaking about the most powerful energy of The Divine acting in many different ways and in many circumstances. But to what or who was that name attached? When I found the answer in the Hebrew language, I was blown away, even more than the last time. The name was El Shaddai. And while that name looks innocent enough, the word “Shad” is the Hebrew word for breast. And “dai” is a plural suffix meaning many. So the translation is: “The many-breasted goddess who nourishes HER people.” And since I had only been the minister at that church for less than a year, and knowing that I didn’t want to move away so soon, once again I just simply chose not to share that insight with them.

Just a few years earlier than that, about six or so, when I was in theological school, another interesting question came rushing into my mind. When one of the professors was waxing eloquent about the “wisdom” to be found in the book of Proverbs, there was something that didn’t make sense to me at all. Right there in that text, wisdom was always “she” or “her” instead of masculine. So, I had to ask. Daring to raise my hand, he called on me and I asked why the feminine nouns were used. And with a bit of stumbling around for a second or three, he said, a bit nervously, that it only “poetic language” and it didn’t mean anything. End of that, as he quickly moved on in his lecture.

In my later studies, I discovered what he was covering up. The word “wisdom” in the Hebrew is always Feminine. Just as “Sophia” in Greek, in the New Testament, is always feminine, but was never, ever mentioned in all my years in the church. Not once.

Then, years later, when I began studying the Aramaic language, the native tongue of Yeshua (Jesus), I was once again blown away when I understood what he was teaching about the “kingdom” within. The Aramaic word is “malkoota” and it is a feminine noun. What he taught quite clearly was: The Queendom of Heaven is within you. But the church, and everyone that I know of that has heard it explained, has rejected it and walked away. Truth does that to many because truth always requires us to change something–either what we think we know as well as the challenge to change our way of living.

But I wasn’t done yet. All of my studies of ancient history have shown me far more than I had ever dreamed I would find. Some of my favorite books about the Feminine are: When God Was A Woman, by Merlin Stone, The Feminine Face of God, by Anderson and Hopkins, Sophia, by Caitlin Matthews, Jesus and The Lost Goddess, by Freke and Gandy, and Goddesses–Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, by Joseph Campbell.

“Everything is changing, even the law of the masculine jungle. It is a period of free fall into the future, and each has to make his or her own                      way.  The old models are not working; the new have not yet appeared.” –Joseph Campbell, page xiv.

I highly recommend Campbell’s research into the ancient history of the world and how he reveals a vast amount of information about The Feminine in the history of the world; a history too many men just don’t want to hear about or discuss.

Campbell goes on to say that there is no model for the expressions of The Divine Feminine for us to see. But here I wish to disagree, because Yeshua himself was that model, as he embodied The Divine Feminine in all he did. All we have to do   is to look at what he did as he went about healing, showing compassion towards everyone, nurturing all he could, including all others–even those he drank wine with in the pubs (even though he was accused by the religious ones of his day for being too close to “the publicans and the sinners). He also included everyone at the “table of The Divine” where he turned no one away, he built community everywhere he could, and for him “All were One” with no exceptions.

Yes, he rebuked those religious Pharisees for their hypocrisy and deadness inside their own selves, but it was to them he made the statement: “The Queendom of Heaven is within you” in Luke 7:20-21. He included them in The Divine company. So, for me, I have come to see very clearly that The Feminine is not only with us today, but She has always been, since the beginning–whenever that was. And, to the men I say: “She is in us too.” All we have to do is awaken to deeper truth, open our hearts to deeper knowing, and learn how to embody Her too. The Light-side masculine is nothing more than the men who have forsaken the shadow masculine that only wants control over others, and have stopped being such fools. That kingdom/queendom is for all of us to “enter” as Yeshua taught; no exceptions. So how do we enter what is already within us? See my book with that title on my website: www.meetjimstacey.com   Only the men who truly strong, have the courage to embody The Feminine and Her healing energies.

–Jim Stacey