Have you ever seen upside down icicles? Well, included here is a picture I took a few years ago in a neighbors back yard. It is real and not altered in any way. And, while I still to this day, wonder how it happened, I don’t know. For me, it is an example of how false news can cause us to rethink what we are hearing. I’ll gladly submit this photo to anyone who wants to verify its reality. Could this be like the church trying to make your sexuality something it is not??

We hear a lot these days about “alternative facts” and “fake news,” but this isn’t the first time in human history that these issues have been used. The Christian church has been guilty of both since the men of religion decided that they knew more than you do about your own sexuality and your relationship with The Divine that is “within” you! The fabricated dogma of the church is the “fake news” from fear-filled men that need to control others. You can say “No!” to them. Your sexuality is part of your Divinity. Keep reading, and you’ll see.


Have you ever wondered who is behind the shaming of our sexuality? What is that source of all the negative and judgmental comments that condemn human sexuality in virtually every way it is expressed, but one? Who taught them this deeply wounding attitude? On what do they build their justification for being so vile and heartless?

Yet from pre-modern history to the pages of the more ancient days of humanity, we find a dramatically different story, a truly delightful way of living together, in harmony and with dignity for all–including the beauty of sexuality. Join me as we embark upon a journey of discovery, exposing the lies, opening to not just a new understanding but to a new way to live beyond guilt and shame in the sexual arena of life.

Can you imagine living in a culture where sex and sexuality are openly celebrated as an important part of being alive, knowing that all is temporary on the way to our transition by experiencing death, and then the delights of rebirth? Welcome to ancient Egypt where all of these and more were celebrated in an atmosphere without guilt and shame. There was no organized religion shouting condemnation and judgments.

Everyone whether unmarried or married were not only allowed to be sexual, they were encourage to celebrate their sexuality whether that was with the same sex or the opposite sex. Singles enjoying sex with married couples was a part of the Egyptian sexual celebrations. Being sexual was human, normal, and was not never anything to hide or be ashamed of in any way.

Fertile women were the most attractive, as those who had given birth were seen as those most envied. The men who’d fathered children were seen as those most honored among men. Both the masculine and feminine loved their families and lived in the delights of those experiences. The singles were encouraged to choose partners, male or female, and enjoy sex as much as possible. There was never any condemnation from anyone. To walk around without clothes was normal and respectable. Body parts were not shamed but instead, were celebrated as beautiful elements of being human.

They were all on a journey. They’d been born, they knew they’d die one day, and they expected to be reborn once more–all of these directly connected to their celebration of sexuality.

Then there were the Pagan people of Europe who lived in community in a way not seen on the planet anywhere else as far as we know. These beautiful people lived in the depths of connection with each other, a celebration of all humanity, and took upon themselves the responsibility to live life together.

Some of them were married somewhat like traditional marriage, but not all. Many of them were either married or lived with a special partner. However, those who lived therein, were also inclusive of other sexual connections with men and women who wanted to join them. Having multiple sexual partners was normal. And, there was no jealousy or fighting to mar those connections.

Then, in a situation where someone lost their partner, all the others in the community took responsibility for their friends. Men would offer themselves to any woman who was alone because of the death of that partner. Women would also offer themselves to a man who’d lost his partner. In that, they all celebrated life in a way where no one ever had to be “alone” and suffer in that experience.

It mattered not who the exact parents might be for any of the children because they too were all cared for and loved by all the adults. It was like having many mothers and fathers as the whole “village” raised each and every one of them in loving connection. No one was ever separate or alone. Many parts of modern paganism are steeped in natural and embodied practices, but the truth about the role of sex and sexuality in these rituals is often misunderstood. One of the appeals of Paganism it its openness and acceptance of sexuality in all its forms. Ethics in all forms of their sexuality was paramount.

Sexuality and magic were always seen as belonging together. Joining the sexual acts with divine forces was part of their experience. The Divine was seen as a very important part of sexuality. A concept seldom seen since the Pagan era. Wiccan and Shamanic practices were prevalent in the Pagan culture. The domination by male energy was totally foreign to them. Sacred prostitution was a part of their understanding of, and connection to, The Goddess. The Priestesses of the temple would provide this service as a sacred connection that would empower any man to be faithful to all that is larger than himself. There is no concept in Paganism of anything being “sinful” as we know is the primary message of Christianity. And, history shows us that it was the Roman Catholic Church that burned tens of thousands of these beautiful people at the stake. More on this later.

But there is much more to the history of the perversion of sexuality by the church.    Part of that is seen in the Greek evolution of sexual practices. In the Greek world, many of the Egyptian customs had faded away and, while some remained, different kinds of sexual expressions were appearing.

For the Greek, sex and love were woven together as they viewed these as a metaphor for the physical earth and the heavens joined together. The result being humanity upon the planet.

The Greek culture is known for its myths, gods, and goddesses. Zeus is perhaps the most well known as he was seen as the most important god of all. But, Zeus had some problems as he changed the Greek culture from the previous practices of honoring sex and sexuality. He was the cause of the erotic and sensual past being morphed into incest, polygamy, misogyny and much more, as the obvious forms of the weaker and uncertain male used his fears to behave badly. Zeus was a rapist. He excused his behavior because he was “most important” and therefore that entitled him to his abuse of the feminine. He was the Trump of his day. Homosexuality was still normal and accepted, as was heterosexuality and its inclusion of pleasure between the unmarried.

With Zeus, the masculine power over women and the feminine being pushed into all the lies about being the “wounded sex,” they became the sex slaves of the male. This horrendous outcome has projected itself into the church of both yesterday and today. It was the so-called “saint” Paul who, as a sexual pervert himself, became the author of today’s religious fiasco called Christianity.

Masturbation was openly practiced as a Greek tradition and viewed as acceptable–even with men masturbating in public. There, standing on most any corner in Athens were men stroking their erections and ejaculating for all to see.

History reveals but another evolution in sexuality with the coming to prominence of the Roman Empire. And, with the Romans along came more changes. Less and less of the Egyptian pleasures were seen. More and more, sexuality became just the Greek male domination of the feminine. Rape of women became common as the Romans conquered other cultures and used the women as tools to gain more male babies who became soldiers for the Empire.

Sex in the Roman Empire was not just a vehicle for pleasure, but it became a duty. Men asserted their power over the feminine with their erections and brute strength, while the feminine more and more was forced to accept her role in “spreading her legs” for the male. The primary value for the men was the need to raise more soldiers for going to war for the Empire. The women were expected to “look the other way” when it came to the husband’s illicit affairs. Men and their penis activities were not to be questioned.

Prostitution became not just normal in Rome, it became the primary reason       for the Roman Baths, having been officially established by emperors such as Caligula and others before him. He taxed the sexual acts of the prostitutes and encouraged men everywhere to come and enjoy–married or not. Money for the Empire was now more important than honoring the feminine and more important than the sacred sexuality of days gone by. Men were the penetrators. Women were the victims. Sound familiar?

And it was right there in the midst of the Roman culture that the Emperor Constantine called together the bishops of Rome at the Council of Nicaea and; Shazam! The Roman Catholic Church was created. It isn’t any wonder that in     the midst of such despicable energies, the church was created to push women aside altogether, to encourage pedophilia, (sadly this “rite” was written into canon law after the priests were commanded to be celibate) and eventually this became the scourge of religious history right up to this very day. Never has the Roman Catholic Church officially condemned the abuse of altar boys.

The Christian church, at its very beginning, was Roman and had no similarity whatsoever to Jesus (Yeshua) and what he taught. It had left him in the dust of history, conveniently, so it could practice all that was opposite of what their “savior” stood for in his day. For Yeshua, sexuality was beautiful. And why not, he studied in Egypt many years and knew of the ancient customs that honored all sexual expressions. He never condemned being sexual in any way. He never condemned our lgbt friends either. It was Paul and the organized church that did all the damage. Paul was a homophobic pervert as he lied over and over to establish his “top dog” power strut, just like Zeus did.

At the very heart if the hypocrisy and sexual perversion of the Roman Catholic Church, was a man named Augustine. “Disgustin’ Augustin” I call him because he became the most disgusting man, there at the heart of Catholic shame and pretense. Remember those Roman Baths? Well, Augustine loved them. He went there quite frequently and enjoyed sex with the prostitutes, over and over and over for many years. We know this from his own writings. The Confessions of St. Augustine is well known for supporting the idea of confessing one’s sins. But, at the heart of it all is one of his prayers in which, at a moment of feeling guilty for his sexual habits that he couldn’t stop enjoying, he said: “Lord make me chaste and continent (self control was what he was praying for), but not just yet.” He enjoyed the whores so much that he couldn’t stop and didn’t want to, “just yet” as he admitted.

But later in life everything changed. When ED (erectile dysfunction) came to visit him, Augustine suddenly needed a cover for all his many years of sexual activity. So, what was he to do? Instead of owning his own issues, he had to find a “scapegoat” and blame others. Ahh, and he did just that when he found a faulty Latin text that blamed Adam and Eve for all the “sin” problems and all of our own bad choices as well. And suddenly, an escape hatch was created as he now saw that “sin entered the world because of Adam and Eve” and he was no longer guilty because he couldn’t help himself stop sinning. He also blamed the “Devil” for his choices–another fabricated scapegoat syndrome.

And, there’s much more. Augustine became the “official theologian” of the Roman Catholic Church as he began teaching his doctrine of “original sin” late in the fourth century and early in the fifth century. The Catholic church adopted these lies as their official dogma as guilt and shame became canon law in the ninth century. So, almost a thousand years after Yeshua was on the planet, his teachings were now officially dumped in the garbage. All of this having been built upon Augustine’s lack of self-control in his sexual fantasies with the prostitutes of Rome. So, the Roman Catholic Church became the biggest whore in the history of the world.

Now that dogma ruled, a “savior” was required. After this new problem, a hell and a heaven were invented. Soon “sin” became what was transmitted by semen and every baby was guilty of “sin” before they took their first breath. Wow, how convenient for a church that needed money to survive. Moral bondage, the loss of the Feminine, sex now being ugly and shameful, and men now dominating the scene more than ever before, the Dark Ages were born,  and they will continue, in some form or another, as long as there is a church–Catholic or Protestant!

The truth is, our sexuality is not just a human energy. Whether it be an erect penis or a wet vagina, our sexuality is part of our Divinity. As Yeshua taught, “the kingdom/queendom of heaven is WITHIN YOU. Sexual energy is the desire to be deeply connected with another person as we honor and respect each other with the highest good intended. The beauty and power in our sexuality, even what we might have lost because of the church, can be regained with delight if we learn to go inside our highest Self and choose the highest good. We must deliver ourselves from The Dark Ages. That work is done deep within our own Self.

–Jim Stacey