So often these days we hear and see people accusing others of being something they dislike or hate. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that what they see in others is only a reflection of their own self. Everyone is a “mirror” for us to see our own shadow or our own divinity. It is up to us to discern which is being shown to us. Every strong reaction to another person’s words or actions is a chance for us to grow and become more than we’ve yet been.


“First of all, we must be in harmony with ourselves; we must come to accept ourselves. The best way to achieve this is to never compare ourselves with others, because the moment we do, we then judge ourselves inferior or esteem ourselves as superior, resulting in either an inferiority complex or an inflated ego. In both cases the result is a state of disharmony. To avoid this, it is best to begin with the principle that each of us is a unique being and that this uniqueness gives us our worth in God’s view, as well as in the eyes of humanity. Therefore, we should hold to our own standard, comparing ourselves only to ourselves—this being the key to our spiritual evolution.” Christian Bernard

When we learn to listen with both our ears and our eyes, we begin to truly hear deep within our own higher Self. It is there that we can learn to transform our own shadow and bring forth a healing Light for ourselves and all others. No, it’s not easy work to do, but the results are absolutely delightful.