From Doormats to Self-Worship

Christianity is dead! Did Trump/Pence kill it or was it an inside job? What we are experiencing today is the blossoming of bigotry as the foundations of Christianity are crumbling as never before. Christians are “reaping what they’ve sown”; even as they love to taunt others with those words. In the manifestations of false caricatures, the truth beckons us to embrace it deep within. Yeshua’s (Jesus) life was lived as truth displayed by his actions–not just words. His words were authentic and resounded with the integrity of being a living example of all that   he said. He “walked his talk” as few have ever shown us.

Yet there was another shadowy figure that appeared on the horizon with the heavy footsteps of mortality and narcissistic dishonesty. He became the precursor of the Christianity that today is on its deathbed. He was able to fool not just those of his own day, but also millions of self-worshippers in today’s world of Christianity gone astray. A self-confirmed liar, a fabricator of deceptive words without shame, he was a chameleon who shifted constantly from one false appearance to another just to suit his own agenda. In his shifting positions of hypocrisy, he bragged about being anything he wanted others to think he actually was. All this was planned to make himself appear convincingly to each and every group he addressed.


He wrote a great deal about being a “righteous” and exemplary model for all to mimic. At the same moment, he hid his true desires and motives just to gain a following of duped and unconscious people. He needed to be seen as an authority. For him it meant that he was in control of the minds of those so deceived. Who was this twisted character who stirred the murky waters of self-worship? He was none other than the “hero” of today’s extreme right-wing religionists otherwise known as Christians. That scoundrel replaced the real Jesus (Yeshua), his Aramaic teachings and all Jesus openly lived in honesty and integrity, with his own narcissistic, self-righteous, and boasting energies. He was none other than the so-called “St. Paul”–the hero of a church gone astray.

And because he was so dishonest, even to the extreme act of giving himself a fake name–“Paul”–I will call him by his real name–Saul. It was the Roman Catholic Church that “sainted” him hundreds of years later, so just for fun, I’ll refer to him as “St. Saul” or SS. Few men are known to be as self-focused as he, who in all of his writings, constantly bragged about his fake credentials. He claimed to be an “apostle” for example. He never was. That was an impossibility since an apostle was one who had met Jesus in person (in the flesh” as they said), yet SS never did meet him! He wasn’t even born yet.

So, SS went on to write, preach, and parade his own self-fabricated values (lies) for many years. He was a self-righteous monster, as he became the real founder of the religion of Christianity. Jesus never came to start a religion or a church. The Christian “bible” is dominated by SS’s writing so much that Christians love his words far more than Jesus’ words–as they have for over 1700 years now. And, while they claim Jesus as their “lord and savior,” actually SS is their lord and savior as proven by who they most often quote and whose life they most resemble as self-righteous, right-wing extremists.

SS wrote about himself far more than the Jesus he pretended to know. He never quoted a single one of Jesus’ teachings or parables. SS didn’t even know the meaning of the word “Christ” because he only knew about the “Christ” of the religion of Mithraism which was dominate in Tarsus, SS’s home town. In all he wrote to convince people to follow himself, he used the words “righteous, righteousness, and unrighteousness” at least 77 times. Why? Because people loved to hear how “holy” they could become by following him. And all they had to do was “believe” some things in their heads rather than the more difficult path of actually practicing the truth. Now they could point out others’ “sins” and forget their own just as SS lived and taught.

SS was nothing more than a religious zealot promoting his own heretical version of what the Nazarene people knew as the truth of Jesus many years before. And while he seemed to speak highly of Jesus in one moment, behind it all were the lies of his own fabricated religion. His religion denied the truths Jesus taught and lived–just as today’s Christianity does. Beliefs and words are easy and cheap. They only help people slip and slide all around the truth without actually living it. No wonder Christians without Jesus voted Trump into office.

If there ever was a bigot who lived his life totally contrary to Jesus’ teachings, it is Trump. He is just like the many preachers who have been caught “with their pants down” yet still preach against what they have been practicing. Narcissism and self-righteousness both are merely forms of self-worship. Self-righteousness is a convenient facade, behind which Christians hide their “sins.” These dominate all who have never known what Jesus taught about the Sacred Self. See Liberating Your Most Beautiful Self on my website:

Today we have Christian lawmakers and judicial tyrants (as seen in the news headlines of  the world) who are living in the bigotry of toxic dogma while blaming others for their own dark side, cheating on their wives as so many ministers have done, abusing those less fortunate by taking away access to food and shelter, abusing children with the fear of “god’s” punishment in fire, and shaming all but their own self. This is seen in the parading of their self-righteousness and cheap forgiveness. How many times I’ve heard the excuse,  “I’m not perfect, just forgiven,” and off they go to keep on “sinning” and confessing, over and over and over without changing their behaviors or their attitudes. The bigotry of denial is their favorite game. Convenience is their god. Jesus said: “Unless your behavior exceeds that of the self-righteous Pharisees, you will in no way enter the kingdom.” The church and the Pharisees are identical in attitudes and behaviors.

And, when one has lots of money, they don’t care about any other people but those who “serve” themselves; as Trump has shown. Also, when one has lots of dogma and a mega-church to back them up, they don’t care about outsiders either. Clearly, the blossoming of bigotry is an inside job where toxic Christians refuse to live as their “lord and savior” required. Jesus is neither. He never has been. He cared enough for the “outsiders” that he got a bad reputation for hanging out with the “publicans and sinners” at the local pubs. Thank “god” it wasn’t the repub-licans. Oops!

Trump has only revealed the attitude of the church that has been lurking just under the mask of idolatry. They hold their favorite idol in   their hands and use it to hurt others with anger, guilt, shame, pride, self-righteousness, judgments, and much more. Their man-made bible is that idol! All of this is contributing to the death of Christianity–a religion of shame and pretense, just like Trump who has proven to be an angry racist, a misogynist who dishonors women, a homophobic fool, a bully, a sexist pig, a hollow jerk full of pride and arrogance, one who cheats others by refusing to pay them for their goods and services, one who denies reality, holds toxic attitudes, mocks the disabled, loves sexual misconduct and grabbing women’s genitals, hates of those humans who come here from other geographical areas, and much more. He is exactly what Jesus warned people to deny and live above. He is just like SS and his narcissistic ego, arrogance, and self-worship. Actually he has been living in self-righteousness, just like a “very good” Christian does–even before he suddenly claimed to be one.

SS claimed to be one whose job it was to stop people from sinning! That was  what his “righteousness” themes were all about. Today, as always, the extreme right-wing is all about “stopping people from sinning” as I was told recently by      a preacher!! Wow! But SS’s churches was created to control. They existed on the foundation of fear that he used to secure a following and serve himself. Today, the extreme right-wing christians, along with Trump are relishing the idea of making people “moral” like themselves as they condemn Planned Parenthood, the LGBT community, abortion and deny women’s access to health issues that doesn’t concern them!! Yet all they know is self-righteousness and self-worship like the narcissistic SS who created Christianity in the first place. Trump and SS  are a great deal alike. The first organized church didn’t happen until more than 300 years after SS at the Council of Nicaea. The Nicene Creed is him all over again; Rome, male domination, racism, misogyny, homophobia, self-righteousness, fear, shame, guilt, punishment, and more. Sound familiar? Are we now going to see people “burned at the stake” like the Roman Catholic Church did to all the “heretics”  they labeled for refusing to bow down to the new dogma of their new religion? The Roman Catholic Church was and is the very heresy they projected onto others. Martin Luther and John Calvin were equally as heretical when compared to Jesus’ Aramaic teachings. Christianity is and has always been a cult.

But lurking in the shadows of disguised beliefs, there is another long-standing issue that has been contributing to the impending death of that self-loving, narcissistic patriarchal Christianity. Ever since they penned their first statement  of a dogma, those patriarchs shamed people into believing that they are wicked and sinful enough to deserve punishment in an eternal fire. (See the article Noel, Noel, There Is No Hell, on my website. That issue is what I call the “doormat syndrome.” It has been experienced by every Christian who has ever stepped through a doorway going into a church. For just as one enters, there is a doormat to wipe ones feet on, before entering that “holy” place. But the real “doormat” is much more significant.

Picture yourself, for a moment, as a doormat. People come by, stop and wipe  dirt, mud, poop, and other junk all over you before entering the door. How does that feel? Along comes more people–more poop and more “victim” feelings.  Why do people deserve all this? The truth is they don’t deserve that in any way!  It was nothing other than the fabricated dogma of “original sin” that created the fear of punishment by an angry god instead of being part of the beauty of The Divine Itself. Original sin is none other than the horrific belief that we are guilty and deserve that hellfire even before we take our first breath coming out of our mother’s womb. “Born in sin” is sheer fabrication. People have only been deceived into believing that they deserve the opposite of what Jesus taught. When they stop believing the lies about sin and shame, they can then begin to make new choices for their lives. They can become empowered from deep within, to walk away from the abuse, begin to find their most beautiful Self, and live as one who is now fully alive. (Read my book: Overcoming The Inner “Victim” on Amazon as a download or a book in your hands. See for details)

The problem has always been that the church has turned its people into doormats upon which the patriarchs wipe their feet of shame, guilt, sinfulness, smallness, unworthiness, wickedness, and more. The rabid intolerance of all who dare to think for themselves is disguised as “holiness” by Christians who are wrapped in the costumes of self-righteousness. Forcing people to believe their dogma and live  as “doormats” is their “standard” of pseudo morality. In that, they demand a “religious liberty” to then persecute anyone they reject. Self-worship creates an automatic rejections of others. Because of the angry, authoritative voices of church men, people then believe they are really bad and that they deserve punishment from some “God” up in the sky. In those beliefs they are controlled by fear. The bible is mostly a lie that distorts the actual events of history AND Jesus’ words.

“Salvation” is the great lie of Christianity as taught by SS and the control-focused patriarchs of both Catholics and Protestants. ever since. But Jesus taught, “Save yourselves from this unconscious generation.” No external savior is needed! None! Unless, that is, you first create another story with some strange dogma that suddenly requires there to be an external savior or else. Christian dogma, invented early in the 4th CenturyCE, makes every human to be very “sinful” and in danger of eternal punishment if they don’t bow down to the church. No one needs to “bow down” to anyone or to any thing. Even the Creator of the Universe, The Divine Itself, does not require “bowing down.” Case closed. This all created a “desperate need” for some external savior that will “save” them from the fire and get them to some “heaven” instead. Jesus never taught such lies! His teachings were all about the internal work we as humans have to do, not the external issues of fear and damnation. He never claimed to be some external savior. That interpretation was purposely written into the bible that the church fabricated into “god’s word” and made it “The Holy Bible” with gold letters stamped into a fake black leather book with “gold” edges.

Yeshua taught: “The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN YOU!” He said: “If you live what I have taught you, you will experience ‘eternal life’ springing up from within you!” We are already eternal beings. We are The Divine in human form. (See for many articles and 13 books to assist you on your spiritual journey. In those, I prove everything I claim.) The stories created by the church are lies that will scare people into being controlled and giving their money to the church. With no savior ever needed, The Greatest Story Ever Told has become The Greatest Lie Ever Told!

Self-Worship to Destruction

All that salvation nonsense comes from a SS bible that the church participated in creating hundreds of years after Jesus (Yeshua) was here on the planet. That bible does not represent what Yeshua taught in any way whatsoever. Instead they left him and his teachings in the dust of history and brought forth their own version of “god’s word” after translating, retranslating, and retranslating it again, dozens of times and more. The bible has never been words from “god” in any sense. The “gold” letters, are a lie. If you want to know how the bible was created, see my book: Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon.

How is it that Christian men can convince people with words and threats rather than deeds? Just like Trump, it is all pretense and lies spoken with loud voices  and a demanding energy. What is the nature of the preachers’ power over people by which they deceive their listeners and influence them so deeply that the lies are believed? How do their listeners become trapped in the lies they so boldly proclaim? Why does preaching produce self-righteousness instead of creating    an environment of loving all others? What are the psychological tricks in their methods as they use a mixture of praise and blame, honoring and shaming, and false “support” while at the same time puling the “theological rope”  that dumps people into a pit of vipers? Why do preachers need to be in control of everyone around them? The answers to all these questions and more are in my ten-volume series–A Spiritual Journey From Shame to Celebration, on my website and Amazon. All the dozens of authors I quote have a lot to say about these issues too.

The toll that is paid by listening to preachers is immense. That toll is no less than the loss of self-worth in the arena of shame, the loss of the power to choose your own path, the loss of loving and honoring your genitals and celebrating ones sexuality as you are, the loss of integrity as one created in the essence of The Divine Itself, the loss of Divine connection deep within by being told you can neither trust your own self–nor do you even have a Divine Self, the loss of the Kingdom of Heaven within as Jesus proclaimed was paramount, the loss of the celebration of who you are and the unique gift you are to the planet, and the   loss of a powerful freedom to fully be yourself here and now without any voice   of condemnation ringing in your ears. The losses within Christianity are enormous.

Following are just nine of the many reasons to say that. Christianity’s story teaches:

1) Fear instead of Love–There is no need to fear. Jesus taught “Love your     enemies. Love your neighbor AS you love yourself. Show me where the             church has ever been known for practicing this before the whole world.

2) Condemnation instead of Compassion–In their making “doormats”            out of humans, the church forgets what Jesus taught about being the       source of compassion and providing healthcare for those in need. See The Good Samaritan story.

3) Separation instead of Inclusion–Nothing separates people and sets them up against each other quite like the church does. Everyone outside the     church is wicked and not to get to close to. Jesus lived the opposite as he           spent long hours with the “publicans and sinners” drinking wine with them      at the local pubs. He admitted this openly in the Christian’s bible where he             said, “The son of man has come to you both eating bread and drinking           wine” with average humans. There was no separation in all he did.

4) Wounding instead of Healing–The wounds of the church are vast with      their lies of harm, shame, guilt, smallness, wickedness and more. Jesus         was known for his healing work; healing that he gave to everyone, not just    to his disciples. Healing promotes community, not hiding in church sitting     on a pew. Or should I say sitting IN the “pew” and the stench of self-            righteousness?

5) Punishment instead of Nurturing–The church is huge on the subject of     punishment for all but themselves. Jesus cared for everyone and reminded         them that they are The Divine Itself, in human form. Nothing is more            supporting than helping people to know of their deepest beauty and the   power to choose their own path.

6) The small box of conformity instead of Freedom–The church has a very    small box of dogma which, according to them, holds ALL the truth. Nothing              new can be added, and not one item can be removed. They get very upset        if that box is challenged. Jesus taught people to apply the truth to the way          they live and learn by practice what is right. He said, “Choose…” instead of     bow down.

7) Dogma instead of Living the Truth–The church gave the world reasons to            be very afraid and bowing down to externals. Jesus taught the idea of living    as ones who are Fully Alive in the practice of spiritual truths. That’s what           choosing for oneself is all about. He never wrote down any rules. He never           wrote a bible. He taught the need to “enter the kingdom of heaven that is          already within you.” See the book with that title on my website.

8) Rejection instead of All Welcome at the Table–The church not only             rejects those of different beliefs, it bans them to the fire. Jesus taught the            opposite. The only people he rebuked were the religious Pharisees–the                 self-righteous church of his day. He was the “friend of sinners” and he came            to share truth, not fabricated religious nonsense.

9) Self-righteousness instead of Service to all–Seeing oneself as “holy” and   above any reproach in the energies of “better than” is nothing but self-      worship. Keeping oneself apart from others instead of being a servant to all             is what encourages that nonsense. Serving others brings us into community           wherein we love and care for each other in “interdependence” rather than             the lies of “independence” and separation.

All of these and more reveal the “story” of Christianity to only be a convenient fabrication for the sake of controlling the people. No external control is required. All control is internal self-control, not external church control. When we learn that and practice that, we have no reason to judge others. Rather, we encourage each other to overcome our mistakes and celebrate what we learn from them. No judgment is ever needed.

If the church had ever understood the Aramaic language of Jesus (Yeshua) they would have not only practiced his words and lived them, they would have  become a world-class example of loving and healing instead of condemnation  and self-righteousness that they’ve been for over 1700 years and still are today. Christianity has failed and its death is to be celebrated. It has become the greatest scandal ever seen, rather than their “greatest story” nonsense. Their story is a lie! They put it all into their “bible” to make it sound like something it is not.

Deception in Decline

There was an article in Newsweek in April of 2009 titled: The End of Christian America. It cited how the numbers of people in Christianity were falling rapidly while those who claim no religion affiliation has nearly doubled since 1990. Christians are now making up a declining percentage of the American population. Clearly, the Christian church is losing ground so significantly that it has become just an institution that once controlled the minds of a vast number of people. The church is no longer meeting the real needs of people–it never has. It cannot find a reason for its own existence today because we no longer believe in the guilt and shame they’ve preached since the days of SS. Today the proportion of Americans who think religion can answer the problems around them is now at a historic low of below 40%. Perhaps the people will awaken to what Jesus really taught and finally begin to practice loving all others– including their enemies. What a day that would be. Christians, according to their history at least, would rather kill their enemies. We see this happening all around the world. I’m doing my part to share his message in all my books, articles, and speaking engagements.

And so, in the sheer unadorned madness of hypocrisy, the Christian preachers  nonsense of guilt and shame has endured for just over 1700 years when the Roman Catholic Church called together that Council of Nicaea and created the whole Christian mess. But it is ending in today’s world. As the blossoming of bigotry has faded into self-destruction, the religion of Christianity has become more and more the stench of an increasing death. The balloon has crashed. The remains are scattered and the voices of shame are shouting their last pretenses  of self-righteousness and self-worship as their structures crumble. The louder and louder voices are evidence of that awareness.

The truth is we all need healing from the results of the dogma of bigotry that has created doormats and victim energy. (See my book, Overcoming The Inner Victim, coming to Amazon soon) Our healing will never come from the source of our wounding. Yet this is the justice that we longed for in our souls: to be suddenly loved by those who have abused us. We’ve held onto that hope for far too long. This is what we did as children when we forgave our parents, and forgave them again and again, always with the hope that this time we would do the “right thing” and please our abusers. Then, just maybe we would be welcome and the abuse would finally stop. It didn’t.

Vast numbers of people have done the same with the church. But the needed healing will not–cannot–ever be found in the Christianity that has wounded them. That is impossible. No matter how pious they may act in their efforts to please those who wounded them with dogma, the abuse will continue because the source of the abuse has not changed. It is normal to go to church expecting to hear something that will bring hope to ones soul, but sadly, more words of guilt and shame become the focus along with a little bit of “pie-in-the-sky” hopes that only keep people locked into their present-day bondage. All they hear is more about their badness, before they can be lucky enough to hear about some future relief. Jesus is not coming back to rescue anyone. He never said he would. The church is lying about this too. They made it up as part of their “god’s word” fiasco.

The church has no desire to heal the ones they’ve wounded because the “need” to continue the wounding was written deep inside of them by SS and the structures of his dogma. Wounding creates control over people. Wounded priests and preachers can only do one thing–continue to wound others. Nothing has been more abusive, horrific, and shameful than the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church. Dogma is nothing but the projections of their own guilt and shame passed on to others–the doormats of Christianity. They forget the power found in the statement: “Count not the sins of others if you wish your heart to overflow!” Just as mean dog owners create mean dogs, so do victims in the pulpit create victims in the pew. This is the stench of a Christianity that left Jesus in the dust of history.

Christianity cannot form itself anew. That is impossible. And, while there are those who call for that religion to reform itself and become “a new Christianity” for today’s world, they are dreaming. They have not yet seen the incredible lies that must be replaced, not reworded. For Christianity to become something else, it would first have to give up its dogma of hell, guilt, and salvation. Without those, it could never be “christ-ianity” in any way; it would become something else.

Nothing is crazier than an age-old practice of the Israelites as described in the Old Testament. In Leviticus chapter 16 is the story of scapegoating as we call it today. In those days, throughout the year a record was kept of all the sins of     the people. There is no record of a list of the good that people did!! Then on   their Day of Atonement, all those sins were transferred onto the altar of their Tabernacle. But then, it had to be cleansed as well. So the high priest pulled off  an amazing stunt (but very serious to the people) when he took an innocent   goat, brought it into the outer court and symbolically “dumped” all the sins of   the people onto that animal. Then, they drove that goat out into the desert (miraculously taking all their sins with it) and it never returned. What chance     did a goat have out there in the wilderness? But no one cared because their sins were gone! Sins were disowned, and forgotten, even as a new list was being created by the “high priest.” Wow, what an amazingly foolish concept. But we actually do the same today as we blame others for what we are guilty of and make them guilty instead. We drive them away and with them go our “sins.” This is called “projection” by therapists. Most people need their own “goat” it seems. It is interesting that right in the middle of “scapegoat” is EGO.

But for the church, Jesus became their “scapegoat” instead of owning their own issues and transforming them as Jesus taught. Now church people can forget about their “sins” too, even as they know that they will have more to confess    and “blame” on Jesus and his cross. What a shame that the teacher became the scapegoat. This is the curse of Christianity! It is in our owning of our shadow self and the choice to live in the the synchronicity of all our opposite energies that we find the freedom to become more than ever before. Basking in the delights of honesty, integrity, transformation of old energies and celebration deep inside,  we become new! Owning our shadow takes us to letting go of all the old and choosing to become new by living the truth within. Irresponsibility is the child of projections and pretense.

The “need” for people today is just as it has always been. The need for validation, for knowing The Divine Within us by experience, for healing from shame and smallness, for nurturing and encouragement to grow and become, for inclusion   in a community of humans wherein we are all welcome to the table of The Divine. It is a hope that grows in strength and power as our relationship with each other also grows in our determination to be whole instead of fragmented. In that we can find the strength and creativity to make this happen–now. We can live above the ego!

We have only one choice in our quest for healing. We must leave the source of our wounding and learn how to live free of the old “victim” energies. We must get rid of the old ideas of “sin” and instead, focus on transforming all of our mistakes into the celebration of learning and becoming–not shame and stagnation. There is no “sin” as the church teaches. Jesus didn’t teach that either. Today, as the church continues to scream and writhe in the pain of its own death, people are leaving in droves. As the younger generation is fed up, and the older generation is dying off, all that is left is people who also will die sooner or later. The church is doomed and cannot “save itself” from its own shame. It is dying in the same energies that created it.

The mystical adornment of our healing will only be found as we come to know who we truly are as humans. (See my series of books on my website–A Spiritual Journey From Shame to Celebration. These are available on Amazon as books or as downloads) We must not just find the truth, we must embody it and live it as part of our daily lives if we are to heal and be free. To wake up every morning without shame, guilt, or condemnation is powerful indeed.

It happened to me unexpectedly. And, it totally changed my life. One day I picked up a book at a friend’s house. It was called Prayers of the Cosmos, by Douglas-Klotz. It was a book about the Aramaic language of Yeshua (Jesus) and what his words really were in his native tongue. I knew as I read the very first lines of the famous “Lord’s Prayer” that I was hearing what he really said for the very first time.

From that day to today, I have spent the last 17 years studying the Aramaic and learning how to apply it to my life. I knew I had found truth. But I also learned very quickly just as Yeshua said: “You must practice what I’ve taught you, if you would claim to follow me.” Today, I am totally different and very much alive more than ever before. In all the books I’ve written, I purposely choose to write only what I can back up with how I live my life. What a challenge! What a reward! Now my life is not based on thinking I know some truth. I am continually exploring and learning more. I like to call it “wondering as I wander” in the delights of curiosity unimpeded and seeing the doors to deeper and deeper experiences opened. The unchained adventures of spiritual awakening are awesome as well as difficult at times. But what is more important than learning to live as one who is fully alive.

We must become the truth in living human form. How you do that is your   choice and yours alone. No one can choose for you! Your path back home is your path. On your way back home, Someone has left the Light on for you. That Light   is inside of you just as Yeshua taught! You get to create that and live that as       you learn from ALL your mistakes, own them, and then transform all the past    into a beautiful present and future. I write to encourage people to choose for themselves. I reveal the essence of Yeshua’s teaching, and ways to apply it and live it by our actions and words each day. Whatever choices you make are yours and I cheer you on to experience being fully alive and live without remorse, regret, or the “doormat” in any form.

No, Trump didn’t kill Christianity. He is just showing them what they really are. Was it “anti-christ” Christians that voted for The Antichrist! As the death throes of self-worship continue, integrity can be born anew. Jesus would be very happy to see all this happen. Bye, bye SS.

–Jim Stacey, all rights reserved