Being rather terrified at times is a common experience of parents who, in the midst of difficult circumstances, wonder if they will be able to handle the job of raising children. After all, they are dealing with real human lives, not the lives of pets, or a world of make-believe. The desire to have children is human. Experiencing them growing up, seeing the choices they make, and wondering if their parenting job will be good enough, is also very human. But who are these “beings” we call our children?

Overcoming the stress of parenting

At times we look back and wonder why our parents didn’t seem to see us as real human beings instead of just kids that needed to grow up. So take a good look at your kids right now. Who are they? Is it possible that they are much more than just human? Are they miniature adults or are they much more than that? If you see them as those miniatures, you will miss the greatest insight that a parent can gain.

You are not just a human either. You are much more also. The truth is that WE are The Divine in human form, here on this planet temporarily. Do you dare to see your kids as The Divine in human form also? They are. And you are raising much more than you’ve ever realized–Divine beings that can teach you about life as you are teaching them. Teachers for each other? Yes! Ready for that challenge?

Check out for ways to turn the “scared” into the “sacred” and celebrate each day with them.