What is it that we catch ourselves looking at most of the time? Images around us, actions of people, scenes flashing erratically on the television screen? In the midst of all of these and more, how often do we stop and ponder, question, and challenge the “reality” of all we see with our eyes?

Perhaps the challenge to see through and beyond the visible world scenarios is our greatest quest as humans who have come here to this planet from the other realms of the Univereflecting-wisdomrse. We are more than this! Much more! Why are we here? What does our agreement to come here look like and do we remember? Will we remember before we leave?

Deep within, we know there is more to reality than what we can experience with our five senses. But a 6th or 7th sense escapes the “reality” of most people along with the unconscious that doesn’t dare to ask about these, nor seek to experience them. The mysterious is all around us AND within us at the same time. But what is that “mystery” and what mysteries might there be just behind all the actions, values, thinking or lack thereof, and the reactions of the human beings we see every day?

In the midst of what we normally see as “reality,” what possibly could be our destiny both here on this planet and when we “return home” to our place in this vast Universe? Who are we? It’s easy to use the words “be yourself” but how can we be that without knowing who we are? We must know our self before we can be and become all that we are, as yet, unaware of being. To seek for self-knowing is one of the keys to seeing beyond this world of visible things.

The road to that discovery is what the mystics have been trying to tell us about for many millennia now. Throughout what humans call “time,” those mystics found and live the road to ones discovery of her/his own self, to a deep peace, to always discovering more as enlightenment grows far beyond our past smallness. All of these, they’ve told us over and over are found on ones journey into ones Higher Self. That Self is deep within us and it is there and there alone that we too can come to enlightenment and wisdom never before known here in the visible world. It is deep within that we connect with our Source of Life and begin a magical journey to seeing with our “inner eyes” and awaken to our most Beautiful Self.

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