The age-old penchant for desperately needing to establish ones authority is not seen more clearly than in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. But then, lying to fool people and never owning the truth is what the church has been built upon since it was created. That is not forgivable! The same church that is built upon “confessions” and “sins” will never own the truth of its own history of lying and creating deceptions.

Peter Was Never a PopeThe truth is that there was absolutely no organized church until over 300 years after Yeshua (Jesus) was here on the planet. The Roman Catholic Church didn’t exist until the Pagan Roman Emperor–Constantine, called together the Council of Nicaea in 325CE. Before that, no Christian church existed–none whatever. The phrase “early church fathers” is also a lie. There was no church then for anyone to be a father of, in any way whatsoever. They were labeled that more than 220 years after they died.

Yes, Paul/Saul had his groups that were supposed to be following him, but they were not Christian churches. His letters to people in Corinth, in Rome, in Ephesus, in Philippi, and more, were letters of rebuke, dogma, lists of sins, and heavy-handed scolding words. All of those letters later were dubbed as “god’s word”–the greatest lie ever told. The “Christ” that Paul/Saul spoke about was never Jesus/Yeshua. He only knew of the “Christ” of Mithraism, the dominate religion ¬†of Tarsus, his home town. He never followed Yeshua/Jesus at all. He never mentioned even one of Jesus’ miracles or parables. He never once quoted anything that Jesus taught–because he never knew what those teachings might have been. He was totally consumed with establishing a following for himself. He never had a “vision” of “the Lord” as he claims. All he had was an epileptic seizure; according to medical doctors, that is.

The lie that Peter (the disciple) was the first Pope is beyond laughable. There could be no pope of something that didn’t exist yet. Peter had no clue that one day, hundreds of years later, a christian church would be organized and claim him as their leader. History proves that Peter was an Ebonite, along with James (another disciple)–they WERE NOT CATHOLICS!! They were never Christians.

The Roman Catholic Church’s lie is a horrible distortion and fabricated lie for which they will never “repent” or admit. It is false dogma–as is the rest of their bible that they created at the same council. Their theology of sin, shame, guilt, punishment, and an angry male god, a heaven with streets of gold, an eternal hell of burning fire, and much more were all made up by the Roman bishops and their Pagan Emperor. Constantine said: “The canon of scripture must be what I say!” And right there you have it. A Pagan emperor deciding what “god’s word” was to be. LOL

How can a lying religion demand that its members repent of lying, hurting others, misrepresenting the truth, and so much more when it is guilty of the same, only much worse. Burning innocent people at the stake just for refusing to believe their newly created lies, The Crusades, committing genocide all over the world, The Conquistadors, Witch Hunts, Pedophilia and the sexual abuse of innocent boys, amassing huge amounts of gold in the Vatican, and Popes lying everyday about what isn’t true at all–well, you get the picture. This religion is not only useless, it is more harmful than what it claims to protect people from! The church not only created “hell,” it has become hell for those they’ve duped into guilt and shame.

Just the other day, at a local church nearby, their billboard out by the road revealed what has happened to the Catholic church. It read: “Catholics Come Home!” And just below it, someone who knows the truth taped a sign–“Hell No!” I laughed as I drove by. The truth was never more clear. Peter, a pope? Hell no!

–Jim Stacey, All Rights Reserved