Lying deep within the stark contrasts of yesterday and today we find a remarkable story of how gradual changes by men, can destroy what originally was beautiful. Christianity has become nothing more than a skull on a pile of stones. Over time some changes were consciously and purposely made and some were errors of unconsciousness. Both have starkly changed the truth of past days into many horrendous, present-day behaviors by those steeped in a religious mind set. How could what was a beautiful light just a few centuries ago, evolve into what is now sheer darkness; a darkness that is deeply wounding to the weaker and less fortunate human beings? It is a darkness that is destroying humanity.

At that earlier time, the sick were healed, the lame were walking again, the    blind could see, the ones who were rejected by the culture of their day found themselves now included rather than cast aside. Those who were looked down upon by society and religion could feel compassion coming to their aid. Those who were neglected by the rich ones who had more than they needed, discovered what it was like to be nurtured and cared for as equals.

Yes, I’m speaking of a day when Yeshua (Jesus) was here on the planet living as one  who embodied love for all, health and well being for all, along with compassion, nurturing, and inclusion in a community of “all is One.” Yeshua was   a teacher of spiritual practices. Never did he ever speak of “beliefs” as a substitute for the practice of spiritual truths. He never started any religion. He was not a Christian. He used parables to reveal the truth that we are all part of The Divine (no exceptions), here temporarily in human form, to learn, to embody truth, to live it, and to know by experience what the kingdom/queendom of heaven within is all about. That was the heart of all Yeshua taught.

Yet in the culture of today, right here in the USA, we see an extremely sad display of the opposite of what Yeshua taught. This comes directly from those who claim Jesus as their “lord and savior” but who are hell-bent on hurting others and shoving them aside for political and financial gain, religious superiority, and personal greed. Yes, this is the extremely sad state of the vast majority of Christianity today. They have left Yeshua in the dust of history and cannot see who he really was, nor do they care about what he taught. Christianity is a lie and it always has been because they’ve chosen the easy path of beliefs only. Keep reading as I prove that from history.

Today we see Christians who say that rape and incest are both “God’s will” as they demand the “religious right” to control others’ sexuality, their life choices, as well as who eats or who goes hungry. They demand that they control what rights–if any–single parents have, and who at the same time overlook the pedophile issues in the church and the vast amount of “sin” that is there in the heart of the church people. Preachers having affairs, hiding in their gay closets, abusing women, hating the LGBT  community, promoting white supremacy, and much more, all in the guise of being “forgiven” and enjoying their self-righteousness. They worship their bibles like any other external deity, and pay more attention to their “devil” instead of their own ego.

What has Christianity become? Where did it start and how did it evolve into the religion we see today–one of bigotry, racism, intolerance, homophobia, misogyny, and more? It is a religion that claims Jesus Christ as their “lord and savior” but its practices are anything but what he taught (Luke 6:46). Who cast him aside? When? How? Why? What happened over time, that such a drastic change could happen wherein the exact opposites of what Yeshua taught are now practiced as the norm. While so many Christians still pretend to have a “personal relationship” with him, they couldn’t possibly have that and be so far away from him. Indeed, they have never had that or they would be living differently. So, what happened?


  1. I) The Great Departure Begins

Along came Saul, the self-appointed spiritual authority who, with his distorted and disgusting energies of purposefully lying, altering the stories of the past, and fabricating a “savior” that had never existed. He went about establishing churches that were nothing but his own followers–not those who followed Jesus/Yeshua in any way. He called the shots. He bragged about being the only true leader. He was the only true authority. He was their pseudo “savior.” Saul was the biggest distortion of Yeshua ever in the history of the world, and all that happened within less than one hundred years. No one has ever contributed more to the loss of Yeshua’s teachings than Saul.

“While the career of Jesus was to be long and distinguished, the life of his successor was rather more enigmatic. Here was a man who was a self-confessed liar; a ‘chameleon’ who was able to change his religion, allegiances and name, simple to suite his own ends. Who was this man? He was Saul, the ‘founder’ of Christianity, who called himself Paul when the occasion suited.”–Ralph Ellis, Jesus Last of the Pharaohs, p. 209

Let’s take a look at what supports those facts. Saul couldn’t live with his past   after he had an epileptic seizure on his way to Damascus one day. He did not  have a heavenly vision as he later claimed. He did not see Jesus! Medical doctors say he had all the classic symptoms of an epileptic seizure–it got his attention   but unfortunately took him down the path of a religious zealot–not a disciple of Yeshua. He never, ever quoted Yeshua even one time, and never taught what Yeshua taught. He refused to deal with his own shadow self as Yeshua taught was required of all who claimed to follow him. (See my book: Conversations With “St.” Paul The Homophobic Preacher, now on Amazon)

So in his conflicted mind, he changed his name to Paul and with that he tried to forget all his old actions but still keep the old patterns of being “chosen” and “special” in the sight of his fabricated god. On he went in his self-designed, new personality in which he taught the most diabolical lies ever taught anywhere. Let’s see what those were. I list the book, chapter and verses where they are found so you can look them up if you like.

1) Romans 2:1-2–Here we see that the judgments of “God” quickly became         his dominant theme in all that he wrote after this. Of course, for Paul, those judgments of god were all directed at the so called “wicked ones” but never at himself or those who obeyed his new dogma. “Our truth against the wicked ones” shows his religious insanity. The hallmark of all religion is to label others outside of their circle as the “wicked” ones. What a false example he set here; and the church of today loves it.

2) Romans 2:3–Here he reserves the right to judge others who “sin.” This is the energy of Christianity today wherein judging others, but still claiming forgiveness for themselves, is all too often the norm. And those same people forget that Paul said there is no escape if you judge but do the same yourself. In forgetting this, Christians today are the classic examples of the hypocrisy Paul warned about–but was also a hypocrite himself. It reminds me of Jim Jones and Waco, TX.  Kool-Aid anyone? Jim Jones said his favorite teacher was none other than Saul/Paul.

3) Romans 2:9-10–As Paul declares that bad things will happen to the evil ones (always other people) but good things will happen for the “righteous ones”      (him and his followers) he completely blows the lid off of all his self-righteous nonsense. “Do it my way and god will be good to you” is his constant message throughout all his writings. The Christian church has always followed Paul more than Jesus. Is it any wonder why it is behaving as it is today. The political mess we are witnessing has been created by a lot of “Paul-type” Christians? Everyone who disagrees with them are dead wrong.

4) Romans 3:7–Right here we find the classic blunder of Paul. When he says it is not a problem to lie, if by your lies you promote the kingdom of god. What kind  of kingdom and what kind of god would be supported by lies instead of truth?   Ah, but this is the basis for all the “alternative facts” and “fake news” of today’s Christians in the political arena and behind so many pulpits. “Go ahead and lie!”  is the message, if by lying, you are promoting what you think is the kingdom. “Don’t question your own dogma because you and your very small box have all the truth you’ll ever need,”  is what Paul is saying loud and clear. No truth can flourish through lies. Today’s Christians must wake up.

5) Romans 3:9–Watch out everybody–you are “under sin” and you’re going to get it. God himself is going to punish you, and just in case “he” doesn’t, then you take matters into your own hands and go get them! You, the righteous ones, you the saved ones, you the special ones, go punish all the wicked people out there. Oops, what’s stopping you? Go get those wicked LGBT people, those women who won’t shut up, and those who don’t conform to “my” gospel. (More on this later) If god waits too long, then you go get them is the direct message from Paul for his followers. This is the twisted mind and soul of the one who founded Christianity. It is interesting that Jesus said: “The one of you who is without sin, cast the first stone!”

6) Romans 3:10-18–And, here’s another classic. Paul says “there are none who are righteous” (none but us of course), there are none who seek after god.” (not in our only correct way, that is) No one understands but us! And, oh how the preachers and priests have loved this one down through the years. Right here      is the most self-righteous list of condemnations you’ll ever read. He uses the words: useless, no good, open graves, deceptive tongues, poison in their mouths, full of cursing, bitterness, quick to shed blood, destroyers, miserable, no peace, and no fear of God. Once again, he uses all those words to utterly and angrily label all others as being so wicked and bad that they are hopeless. Everyone in   his churches were desperately afraid unless they were somehow NOT on his sin list. Paul had a huge problem deep inside himself. He refused to own his shadow self, and projected all his own garbage onto others, making them guilty instead of himself.

7) Romans 3:23-25–Caught yet again in his old Hebrew ways of sin and atonement, Paul can’t help but slip in the absolute requirement of “blood” that alone can “cover” sin. And, “cover” it up is all that happens as people hide their sins and their true self behind the dogma of “blood sacrifice” and they keep on sinning and living in their self-focused, judgmental and cruel ways. This blood issue is ridiculous. Jesus never once said that he came to shed his blood. Never. The church added a statement or two to make it look like Jesus said something that he did not say. They love blood sacrifice, but they cannot look inside and transform themselves, as Jesus really taught, and then become different by living those spiritual practices. “I’m not perfect–just forgiven” are the words that I’ve heard since I was a kid. Then one day I awoke to what Yeshua really taught. See my book: Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon. Christianity is bloody and dishonest at the same time.

8) Romans 4:16–Suddenly Paul’s “salvation” comes by faith in his lies! The nonsense that no one deserves it, is his bullying tactic. The “hallmark” of Paul       is the word “grace” that he applies to all who bow down to his dogma and self-made authority. All this is built on not being good enough to deserve what he demands is absolutely necessary–salvation from sins. So he creates a problem that isn’t real (fake news) and then declares he has the only answer (alternative facts) to that problem. All that makes his “grace” nothing but a victim word. (See the article on my website: Grace Is A Victim Word on Paul makes “faith” in his lies the only way to escape the punishment that is coming from “god”–or from me if you don’t obey! LOL

9) Romans 5:1–Here is that alternative fact flying out of Paul’s imagined “sin” dogma. But how can someone be made “right” by beliefs that are lies made up   by Paul? And, as he says, all his beliefs just bring a hope for another day, not anything real for this day. This is the heart of Christianity’s history of lying as we’ll see a bit later. To now become “justified” by beliefs alone is sheer mockery of all that Yeshua taught.

10) Romans 5:3–Once again, as if Paul could do no wrong nor see the error of his ways, he blurts out one of his most insane statements ever. As if to be some self made hero, out comes the bizarre claim that he “glorys in tribulation” or in other words, he welcomes trouble, persecution, and suffering because he is so special. Yet later in his writings complains about being imprisoned and put down. Hypocrite! He tells others to just endure all the tribulation, and enjoy your supremacy. Take it and shut up is his escape! And today we see Christians demanding “religious rights” to fight back against those who they imagine are persecuting them. Their answer to perceived persecution is to persecute others in their own self-righteousness that they learned from Paul.

11) Romans 5:8–Another great lie! Yeshua never said that he came to die for anyone. Never! That old blood sacrifice issue was nothing but a lie traced back to the blindness of the Hebrew people who killed animals and used their blood as some covering for their sins. Was Jesus an animal? Come on, Paul, you can do better than that! What Yeshua really said was: “I have come to bear witness to the ancient truth!” That’s right there in the Christian’s bibles, but conveniently overlooked. But today the vast majority of Christianity drinks blood symbolically at their Eucharist or Communion services. Think of it! Pretending to drink blood because Paul said it was required! Absurd? You know it. The church made it look like the wine in the cup was his blood. It was not. He never said that. But the church made up some dogma here to fit their blood sacrifice misunderstanding.

12) Romans 6:11–Now this one will make you laugh. Paul says that he and his followers cannot possibly “sin” anymore because they are now in a very special class like none other, ever! They now are “dead to sin” and are free from it! Wow, now that is some very good fake news! But what he is saying is that since his followers have “Jesus in their hearts” and are “full of the Holy Spirit” that they are no longer able to sin–they are dead to that now that they believe his dogma. But “wait a minute” screams loudly in my ears. No Christian in their right mind can claim this or they wouldn’t be constantly asking for forgiveness for what they no longer can do–sin! The church demands continual repentance and asking for forgiveness. So these people have 2/3 of their all male trinity inside themselves and they still cannot stop sinning? Jesus must have not known what he was doing!

13) Romans 6:14–Then another classic contradiction by Paul. Here he says that those same people who are “dead to sin” must make sure that sin doesn’t have a controlling effect in their lives! LOL Those who are dead to sin are still struggling with it? Ah, yes, and what fun it is to be “under” grace. I once met a man who told me that he hadn’t sinned in over 12 years. I looked at him and said: “You just did.” His horrified look was a reflection of what he was hiding. I said: “You just lied.” I’m sure I spoiled his day or maybe much more, but the truth stands.

14) Romans 8: 1-4–Oh how Paul loves the idea of not being able to be condemned any more. He loves the word “righteousness” as seen by his using that word at least 77 times in his writings. “Righteousness is us!” he shouts over and over. Uh, wait a minute. Self-righteousness is the more accurate description of those who lie about sinning yet demand that others stop sinning! “Do as I say, not as I do” rings in my ears. It seems that I hear this on television every day as the politics of Christians now reveal their own hypocrisy. But there is no condemnation for “US” shouts Paul over and over. It’s like he really doesn’t believe what he is saying. Gotta love that self-righteous baloney. Paul was completely full of self-focused alternative facts.

15) Romans 10:4–Another distortion of epic proportions is where Paul teaches over and over and over that being “righteous” is the result of having some “faith” and just believing his dogma instead of living the truth by ones actions. Beliefs never count for anything but self-righteousness, the favorite smoke screen of today’s church, and that takes people to a blatant denial of the truth. Beliefs have absolutely no power to make anyone real! The “holiest” of all simply live in the energies of cheap forgiveness and instant reinstatement in their “righteous” closet.

16) Romans 10:17–For Paul, the source of “faith” was hearing something with ones ears. Not so! One has to act on what is heard and choose deep within to live differently and transform all the old shadow parts. Faith is nothing but pretense–like “I believe in love, but I don’t have to show that by my actions.” Then Paul says that “hearing comes only from what he calls “the word of god.” But what was that? It was Paul’s words and the ancient Torah, falsely labeled by men who demand obedience from people. “God” didn’t ever write anything on stone, or parchment, leather or paper. That is just more fabricated “beliefs” by religious men.

17) Romans 12:19-21–“Never get even,” Paul says, but know that “god” will      get your enemies for you! Then he falsely quotes his god with “I will repay” nonsense. Isn’t it great to have a god that will kick ass for you?  But, for the average christian, it is just too difficult to wait for that so they follow Paul’s example rather than his exhortation, and go kick it themselves. But then Paul  says something that almost sounds good–“overcome evil with good, feed the hungry,” etc, and right here is the closest Paul ever gets to teaching what Yeshua taught. But then he ruins it all by adding more garbage about god “heaping coals of fire” on people’s heads. And there is the true Paul who did his share of heaping coals of fire on others while forgetting to wait for his god to do that. Nice, Paul–real nice–but we gotcha!!

18) Romans 14:17–Want more proof that Paul never read what Yeshua taught? Here it is. He says that the “kingdom” equals “righteousness” for the one who “believes” instead of practices. Yeshua said, “the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you and AMONG you. And then he said to “enter” that kingdom that is already within you! How can one possibly do that? See my book: Entering What Is Already Within, on Amazon and my website:

19) Romans 16-17–And, the classic statement of a self-righteous religion freak is right here. Paul says: “Mark those (make sure to note these people) who believe differently than you,” and avoid them at all cost. For Paul he was the only source of truth and the only one who deserved to be listened to and followed. And, right here, we have the classic reason why we see so many different versions of Protestant Christianity up and down every street in America. Why? Different beliefs lead to feeling superior, so get outta here and go somewhere else.

20) I Corinthians 2:15–After Paul said “do not judge” of course his “mark them” is a judgment. And he now says: “We judge all!” and contradicts his own pseudo authority and Yeshua as well.

I could go on and on with dozens more quotes but I’m stopping here. You get the point and know where to look for more if you want.

“Such was the character of the man who founded one of the great religions of the world. Saul was a curious character from whichever angle he is studied…and yet we know very little about him. In fact, apart from the history given in the bible, which was mostly penned by himself or his colleagues, we do not even know who he really was.” Ibid.

Whatever else he was or might have been, he absolutely was not a disciple of Yeshua. He was a self-appointed “right-wing” extremist of alternative facts and fake dogma, a homophobic preacher, and the chief punisher of all who saw things differently. Is it any wonder that so many people in the christian church of today are extremists like Paul? Was Paul the Trump of his day? See my book: Conversations With “St.” Paul, The Homophobic Preacher. On Amazon.

I can point out close to 50 places in his writings that show him to be a liar, a false prophet, a deceiver, and a man of blatant deceptions and hypocrisy. He loved his false authority that he created for himself. Christianity came from Paul, not Yeshua. He ended up in Rome. That’s why the Roman Catholic Church put so many of his writings in their new book called “God’s Word.” That is a lie.


  1. II) The Early Church “Fathers”

The next step further away from Yeshua was to be seen in the lives and the writings of men who were later labeled as “church fathers” by the church itself. Why? Because the newly formed Roman Catholic Church, early in the fourth century, needed to establish itself by falsely connecting themselves to the historic Jesus (Yeshua). They even claimed that Peter was their first pope. But how could he have been pope of a church that wasn’t to exist for another 300 years? But those who never study history are doomed to believe their lies. See the article on my website: Peter Was Not A Pope.

So, in between Paul and the first organized church there were men who became known as the “church fathers” or those that had given birth to it. No women were needed, however. So, with that desperate need to connect themselves all the way back to Yeshua, they invented some alternative facts of their own. There was    still no organized church anywhere on the planet, so they couldn’t be accurately called the fathers of what did not yet exist.

Yes, there were hundreds of groups right after Yeshua was here, each one doing their best to apply and live the truths he taught. They didn’t fight each other, but instead learned from each other and grew to be real disciples. No organized church was ever needed. Men’s organized religions are the curse of the planet.

However, there was, a group of men over the span of a couple of centuries that became known as church fathers. They were followers of Paul, never of Yeshua. All that they did and wrote were expansions of Paul and or twists and contortions of what Paul was supposed to have written. They were self-appointed, just like Paul, and held various views of dogma that they promoted vigorously to establish their own name. Everything that they didn’t like became “heresy” and of course, they were right even though they disagreed with each other.

The worst one of all actually wrote 30 volumes he called Against All Heresies.   And just to show his honesty, he refused to keep all those heretical texts around, and burned them. That prevented anyone else from reading what he didn’t like. Almost as honest as Paul. He was a “control freaks” model for sure. Irenaeus was his name.

All this goes to show that the most insecure men only feel strong when they are controlling other people and gaining a following. That following makes them feel more “right” than the others. Just like Paul had done.

III) A Pagan Emperor Defines the Church Dogma

Just a short time after Yeshua was here, those who called themselves Christians  in Rome were being tortured and used as human lights in the gardens of the Emperor, Nero, to light up his nighttime sex parties. After being soaked in oil, the Christians were set afire as human torches. No one would have dreamed that in little more than 200 years, everything would be the drastically different.

The violence of the Roman Empire had been long established around the world  as they conquered and dominated all the known world at that time. Countless thousands of people had died at their hands and violence continued at the Coliseums where many were thrown to the lions as a sport for the Emperor to feel his power.

Up to fifty thousand spectators from all over the Empire flocked to be entertained by the gory and bloody spectacles. Wild animals were slaughtered, prisoners were executed, and religious martyrs were thrown to the lions as the stars of the show. All of these were but symbols of Roman “virtue” in the minds of the emperors who loved their power over all else. Violence and Rome were never to be separated.

Male domination was the hallmark of The Roman Empire, just behind its violence and the forced sex slavery of the Roman Baths. Sex meant lots of money for The Empire and emperors such as Caligula who ruled over them all.

There was no organized church in Rome as yet. Those who were called “bishops” of Rome were again the self-appointed male-only-leaders of what they claimed to be a “church” but what was later to be called The Christian Church did not yet exist. But the next huge step in the departure from Yeshua was at hand.

The empire that was once seen as the one that would forever rule the world was already crumbling. It would not survive, but one last attempt to save it was the act of the teenage Emperor, Constantine. He was afraid he would lose it all. The Christians were now seen as a growing force to be dealt with around the Mediterranean Sea. He had to act. And what followed was to later become a much greater curse for “christians” than it appeared at the time, as Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Empire. Church and State were all at once the same. Those “christians” now had more power and control than they’d ever dreamed of having. But because they knew nothing of Yeshua, their errors only grew in intensity.

Suddenly Christians had some “respect” and some power at the same time. As Constantine called together the bishops of Rome and all others he thought could help with his plan, they called it an official church council–the first of what was to be many in the centuries ahead. And, here early in the 4th century, The Council of Nicaea was convened. This, was the beginning of organized Christianity. It had never before “officially” existed. But now, it was equal in power to the Roman Empire–it was part of the world’s most powerful ruling body. And, just 300 years after Yeshua was here, everything he taught was about to be crushed, thrown away, and replaced by power-hungry men. And they created the first organized church ever, and called it the Roman Catholic Church.

They did that by creating what I call the Three B’s. These were to change the world for the next couple of thousand years at least. The first “B” was their creating the Bible. It had not existed anywhere in the world, but the need for some external authority was paramount. Since most people of that day could not read or write, the perfect authority symbol would be a book that only the self-appointed authorities could read. So they took a few, very few, of all the old texts available and chose which ones agreed with them and whammo–a bible–I mean “God’s Word” and, well, the rest is history. All they did was translate, retranslate, retranslate again, edit, reedit, over and over until they had the perfect symbol in a language no one could read. Latin was the disguise. And, of course, to be sure that no one could ever read what they translated, they destroyed all the old texts just like Irenaeus did years before.

The other interesting fact about what was included as legitimate and what was to be thrown out, was the statement by Constantine, the teenage Pagan emperor. He said: “The canon of scripture must be what I say it is!” And this is how all the “christian church” of today got their bibles, but they don’t know that the Bible they worship was given to them by a Pagan–not “god”!

The second “B” is the new Beliefs that they created in the Nicene Creed. As if there weren’t enough of these floating around the known world at that time, these were power hungry men of religious persuasion, and they had to be sure that the whole world believed what they said was “now” the truth. But that creed was just more external beliefs, and it was created to deceive. Those beliefs were nothing more than Paul’s lies now covering over all that Yeshua taught. But they made it sound like they honored “Jesus Christ” while only making Paul look more legitimate in their own minds. Never before had anyone had the name Jesus Christ. This name was made up by the Roman church as they used it to create their “instant forgiveness” routines that only further enslaved their followers.

So, the easy way of living life was created with those two externals–a bible and a set of beliefs–neither of which demanded anything from the people but mental assent to the dogma (no inner actions required), cheap confession of sins (no life-changing actions needed), and of course 10% or more of their money.

Then came the third “B” and the whole course of what Christianity has become was set into motion. What about those who knew better, and refused to bow down to the Roman Catholic Church? Simple. Burn them at the stake. Now that the church has “the only truth” it was surrender or burn. And burn they did–tens of thousands of Pagans, Marcionites, Ebionites, and others were torched into ashes. This is how the Catholic (which means universal) Church got to be the dominate religion of the Western world–Bible, Beliefs, and Burning. Some of the most horrendous events of world history came because of the Roman Catholic Church killing “heretics.” There were The Crusades, The Inquisitions, The Witch Hunts, The Conquistadors and Columbus who we were taught in school was a hero. He wasn’t. He burned natives alive in their huts in groups of 13 to honor “Jesus and the 12 disciples.” The blood-thirsty church moved on and on.

And, believe it or not, all this was justified because of Paul’s words we saw earlier, “heap coals of fire on their heads” instead of waiting for their god to do that. Thanks Paul. And, now that dogma was in control through their appointed leader that they called their “pope” everyone had to bow down, kiss his ass (I mean his ring) and wait for the church to come up with more soul-imprisoning dogma. They did a few centuries later.

For soon after all the alternative facts of Nicaea, along came one of the most disgusting figures ever to walk the earth. Right out of the prostitution at the Roman baths, came one who would later become “the official theologian” of the Roman Catholic Church–Augustine. We know this because of his own confessions he later wrote about not being able to control himself. He loved the babes at the baths. He seemed to desire the ability to control himself (as seen in those confessions) “but not quite yet,” were his words. So, it wasn’t until he had erectile dysfunction that he changed his behavior. And, he found the perfect excuse for his past in one of those faulty Latin versions of their bible. Once again Paul rears his ugly head as Augustine mistakenly misquotes Paul and makes it look like every human being is born guilty of sin and cannot help themselves except to “repent” and get into the church and its beliefs. Yes, Augustine invented Original Sin later in the fourth century and with that he was now totally free of his past just by getting some cheap forgiveness. Original Sin is absolutely the most heinous dogma invention ever as it has enslaved millions and millions of people into the belief that they are wicked and deserve to “burn” in hell forever. Oh, how they loved fire–on others’ heads, that is. See my article Noel, Noel There Is No Hell on my website.

When I came to understand this part of church history, and much more as I studied, one thing was very clear to me. The church is built upon lies. Always has been. Still is. But wait, there’s more.


  1. IV) The Protestors Stand Up

Early in the 16th century, about 1200 years later, another movement began. By this time there were few if any burning at the stake events hanging around. The Roman Catholic Church had held many more “official councils” to keep warping, I mean defining their organization. It dominated the landscape with steeples and stained glass everywhere to remind the people just how powerful they were. But there was a fly in the ointment, a bug in the brush pile, and no one was going to stop a man named Martin Luther from taking action.

A protest was in order, he reasoned, so he wrote what became famous as his 95 Thesis. He found 95 issues that he wanted the church to reform. This is  why this movement became known as the Protestant Reformation. He was happy to be a catholic and never officially left the church. But his followers became known as the Lutherans and are still around today in one form or another. Never was there a Lutheran who wanted to go back to living as Yeshua had taught. That was not going to be, mostly because the church had hidden him so well, except for the cross and bloodshed–Paul once again. Luther was a blatant misogynist who had zero respect for women, just like Paul. He said a woman’s only value was in having children and spreading her legs for a man when he wanted it.

But there was another “Paul” lurking around. He was a man who did more to cover over Yeshua’s teachings than any other person since. He was a man of livid control over all others, whose friends were said to fear him more than anything. He was hated behind his back by everyone. A man with zero compassion, and a  masculine domination energy second to none–ever. His name was John Calvin. And from him came Calvinism, predestination dogma, and what came to be known as The Puritans. Puritans who were far from “pure” as they were later responsible for the witch hunts, genocide, burning more people and torturing them just because Calvin taught what Paul had taught about self-righteousness and coals of fire.

All of that became known further as The Reformation or the Reformed Church. They, of course, split many times under the mini-dictators in that church. It was Paul all over again but even worse at times as the same old stuff kept happening, just in a different day. But they kept their allegiance to that “god’s word” nonsense, the beliefs of Nicaea, the attitudes of the popes, and sin and hellfire for all but themselves. Dogma ruled supreme even as more and more new rules were made up from their list of alternative facts. A new day for Christianity had arrived, and John Calvin was bigger than Jesus Christ! Yeshua was conspicuous by his absence.

And with Luther and Calvin in their memories, men began to see how they too, could start their own version of Christianity when they saw something that they disagreed with in the “religion picture” at hand. More protestors meant more groups of Christians with their own buildings, leadership, and dogma; dogma that was just a little more right than the next preacher down the street.

Soon there was a Methodist church in town. Then a Baptist church, then a Presbyterian one, a Pentecostal one, a Church of Christ, a Church of God in Christ, and a Church of God in Christ and the Holy Spirit, then a new but slightly different Baptist church, a Disciples of Christ church, another Reformed one or three, and even a Church of England that was formed by a king because the church wouldn’t let him get a divorce and remarry. He did, and the Episcopal Church was the eventual outcome.

Then a new classification of churches became “necessary” for those hardliners who just couldn’t tolerate the fact that they weren’t leading the church parade everywhere. This new self-centered kind of church became known as “fundys” or fundamentalism. Of course there were those who were not so narrow-minded, and were called the liberals. Not being sure where you belonged, put you in the class of the moderates.

Just a few years later we find a “christian” slaughtering about 6 million people of a different race. Yes, you heard that right. Adolph Hitler was a Roman Catholic, who with the blessing of a silent pope, created the Holocaust.


  1. V) Christian Capitalism’s Contributions

But back in America, a new voice was soon to arise. And though he never was the minister of a church in the normal sense, he became world renowned for being a loud and angry preacher of hellfire and brimstone. Billy Graham started something new. Then along came Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, and a slew of television preachers who were setting new trends in how much money one could make from preaching. They were all “fundys” of one sort or another.

One of Roberts’ associates is worth over 14 billion today. Benny Hinn is known for having his 7 million dollar jet, Rick Warren is known for stealing people from churches all over his area and creating one of the first mega-churches, soon after the Indiana fiasco of Jack Hyles, called The First Baptist Church of Hammond. He created the “busing syndrome” that took so many churches down the path to their “mega dreams.” Busing was just a cheap excuse to steal people from other churches. And they did just that. Warren wrote a book on a life of purpose but, just like Paul, he never quoted Jesus one time. But again, who was Jesus? Some historical figure now missing in the hysterical riches of the mega-men? And, one mega-woman, right Joyce? Osteen lives in a massive house, as all the others do. Some of these humble preachers are worth over 55 million dollars today. It is so easy to preach “faith” and forget the pain/suffering issues when you have millions in the bank. Just like Yeshua taught???

These all live in the sheer hypocrisy of capitalism as the rich are ruling more and more throughout the cultures of world. This unconsciousness has all come about by their leaving Yeshua in the dust of history and loving an easy religion of beliefs instead.


  1. VI) Evangelicals and Trump Supporters

So with the focus of most of Christianity now on the value of money, buildings, jets, cars, and the “good life” fabricated to excuse their unconsciousness, what else could happen but over 80% of Evangelical Christians find themselves voting for a gross figure like Trump. Voting for a narcissistic pig, a racist sham, a grabber of women’s genitals, a greedy con-man, a proven liar, one who totally wounds all those who Yeshua would have helped–meals on wheels, planned parenthood, food stamps, those on social security and Medicare–those “christians” have proven as clearly as ever that they do not know what Yeshua did or taught. And, they don’t care. They have become the enemies of all humanity, while still claiming that they know “Jesus” and he is their “lord” as they bask in their instant forgiveness and sheer hypocrisy. Instead of loving all others, they see humanity as less deserving than they and the poor are now just the lazy, weak, disgusting bums we have on the planet. The classic “EVIL-ution” of religion is right there. Christianity has become exactly the opposite of what Yeshua taught.

These people have become very, very sick as they just quote their bible whenever it is convenient, at the same moment believe and practice what is contrary to that bible they “love” and worship. Then they make up anything that sounds good at the time and say “god told me……” while all they are listening to is their ego. In all this, they think they are faithfully clinging to their beloved doctrines when in reality it is a slavery to lies that they are experiencing, as they desperately protect the structures of religion, the dogma of it, the hierarchies that create nothing but cognitive dissonance hand-in-hand with a pseudo piety and a sense of being part of what is the “only right way” to be. They demand control over the lives of all others and want to be sure that no one “sins” like they do. Theirs are covered, but yours must be exposed.

Fools, said I; you do not know who you are nor what you are doing. You are like a growing cancer of destruction and you cannot own your deeds. You bow and pray to the “neon gods” you have made and your unconsciousness flashes your inner shame. The words of the prophets on the subway walls will be your inheritance. (Thank you Simon and Garfunkel for those thoughts from your song; The Sound of Silence)

And the preachers? They love their ivory towers of offering plates dumped into their laps, living in mansions (the mega boys that is), hugely enjoying that place  of power and authority over all in their group, and never lifting a finger to do what Yeshua taught either. They don’t have to. It’s all faith to them. Beliefs are supreme and are worshipped by those who hold them instead of practicing the truth. And no one, it seems, is trying to trace all this back to Yeshua. All of these and more is what Christianity today has become. Is it any wonder that Yeshua said about a day that would come: “And many will say to me, lord, lord, have we not done many wonderful works in your name? And I will say to them, depart from me you who dwell in unconsciousness, I DO NOT KNOW YOU!”

So, is Trump a mirror for the disowned shame deep within his followers? Do they secretly want to be as arrogant and irresponsible for their actions as he wants to be? Do they secretly love to hurt those who remind them of what they’ve wanted to forget? The human weakness of not being able to own the truth of what is deep inside themselves is perhaps the most glaring element in religious hypocrisy.


VII) The Forgotten Yeshua

Yeshua taught a lot of very important spiritual practices that were far, far beyond any list of beliefs only. He taught what was to be lived in actions, not stuffed into ones’ head as they sat on pews every Sunday. Following is a list of just a few:

1) “Then he will say to them on the left hand, Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting separation, prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me now meat, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you didn’t take me in, naked and you gave me no clothes, and in prison but you did not come to visit me.” (Matthew 25:41-43)  Those who believe in that “fire” for others, had better wake up. Refusing to help others (the classic pattern of the Trump supporters) is a real problem.

2) “Unto whoever much is given, much will be required.” (Luke 12:48) And today’s rich are known more for their hoarding and demanding more and more instead of giving to others. Fear of not surviving is a curse they’ll have great difficulty overcoming because that fear is based upon material things and money, money, money. The “curse of capitalism” is a two-edged sword.

3) “And he said, woe unto you lawyers who put heavy burdens of difficulty upon those who are weaker, while you yourselves will not lift one finger to help.” (Luke 11:46) Any “christian” law-makers (lawyers) in Congress listening?? Hello!

4) “And when you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who stand in public and pray so they’ll be seen by others. That is all the answer you’ll get.” (Matthew 6:5) Public “prayer” is a farce. By doing so, one only reveals their self-righteousness–like Paul again.

5) “Love The Divine with all your being and love your neighbor in the same way.” (Matthew 22:37-40) He defined “neighbor” as anyone you see that is in need. That is the lesson in the Good Samaritan story. Cutting spending that feeds, clothes, and provides healthcare for others is a direct violation of his teaching. Yet, those who do so, just don’t give a hoot.

6) “Outwardly, you falsely appear as those who are doing the right thing, but inside yourselves, you are full of dead men’s bones.” (Matthew 23:28) Pretense always covers over the real issues within. Self-righteousness is the very same as Paul taught it, but oh, how good it feels.

7) “But whoever has plenty of money and sees his neighbor in need then does nothing about that, is far, far from the “God” he pretends to love.” (I John 3:17) But oh how easy it is to grip one’s own money even more tightly and walk away. Slashing money to feed families while refusing to care for the elderly and those who need healthcare and clean water to drink is the height of hypocrisy for today’s church goers.

8) “The one among you who is without “sin” cast the first stone.” (John 8:7) Another gotcha!! But it’s that “cheap forgiveness” of Paul that allows the self- righteous to do whatever they want and never be guilty of anything.

9) “Why focus on a perceived ‘splinter’ in someone else’s eye, when you have a log in your own eye?” (Luke 6:41) When someone projects their own guilt onto others as a distraction, they are hypocrites. Today’s church is perfectly described right here.

10) “Do not judge others because you will be judged by the same standard you put onto others.” (Matthew 7:1-2) But when it comes back to them, they deny what they’ve said, define it differently, and pretend they are innocent. So much for today’s christianity of dishonesty.

Yeshua taught that the kingdom of heaven is within you, that The Divine Itself is our true nature, that there is no such thing as “sins” that bring punishment, that we can call forth Light out of our darker places and become new, that there is no hell, that the I Am within you is your inheritance, that if we find ourselves too far away from The Divine–just come closer, and he taught that we must prove who we are by our actions, not some beliefs in our heads. He taught all these spiritual practices and more. Want to see the fuller picture of this?

Go to for articles, blogs, books, and more. Yeshua must be set free from a religion that has disowned him. He healed, he included all others at the table of The Divine, he nurtured all others, he loved and he walked his talk. For a more complete understand of Yeshua and what he taught as well as setting yourself free from the religious lies of Paul, see my book: Liberating Jesus From Christianity. On Amazon as a book or a Kindle download.