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Jim Stacey is a best-selling author for his books on Amazon. He also is the recipient of The Golden Quill Award from The National Academy of Best Selling Authors. Jim has appeared on all four major television networks, speaking about what he has written. He is internationally known for his work on the Public Television Network all across the USA and Canada. He writes and speaks to help people experience healing from the wounds of shame, guilt, and self-loathing put on them by the dogma of the patriarchal religion of Christianity. He speaks to help people discover and live their most beautiful Self, their purpose for being here, and the freedom from past victim experiences. The basis for all that is Yeshua, the Aramaic Jesus and what he taught before the church purposely distorted it for the sake of controlling humanity with fear.

Jim has written thirteen books on all of the above–books written from his own experiences of healing, discovering purpose, freedom from past wounds, and living one’s most beautiful Self. He left Christianity twenty nine years ago to study the Aramaic language of Yeshua (Jesus) and learn how to apply what he taught to his own life before talking to others. He has talked about all of the above as he hosted his own international radio show for over a year and a half. As he began his doctoral studies, many years ago, he began by studying the deeper meanings of the Aramaic and the powerful healing it held as he applied it to his life, not just believed something in his head. The secret is in embodying a truth by living it, not just stuffing it into a belief system and pretending. As Jesus said, “Don’t call me lord unless you are living what I have taught you.”

In Overcoming The “Victim” he writes to transform past experiences of being made victims by those who had not the courage to see their own selves nor correct their own behavior. We’ve all been abandoned. We’ve all been told we aren’t good enough. We’ve all felt the victim energies smothering our brightest days. “What I know,” writes Jim, “is that I must walk my talk if what I share with others is to have the power to heal and help them step into their brightest future yet.”

The Christian church has been purposely lying about what Yeshua (Jesus) really taught for over 1700 years now. They lost him in the dust of history because easy beliefs always help people to live in self-righteousness instead of integrity. What so many people do not realize is that they can keep Jesus and step away from the church with integrity and empowerment. Jim’s book, Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon, provides the path to making that choice and living free. Keep him, and let go of guilt, shame, and fear of punishment.

Jim is an experienced public speaker and he loves to talk about Overcoming All Our Mistakes, Celebrating Your Most Beautiful Self, Dancing in the Delights of Imperfection, Claiming the Gifts in Pain and Suffering, Living Beyond False Guilt, The Power in Loving Your Own Self, Finding Light in Dark Places, The Power of Choice, Focusing on Internals Rather Than Externals, Understanding The Human Shadow, Loving the Gifts Found in Our Shadow, Overcoming Separation, Loving Enemies, The Hero Within You, The Power of Self Birthing, Creating a World Where Everyone Wins, and much more. You can know the deeper inner experiences of all of the above as you choose to set yourself free from all that has not served you in the past. Yeshua said you are The Divine in human form. That was his teaching when he said “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Let’s discover this together and live passionately and beautifully here on planet Earth. We are all becoming our most beautiful Self! [/fusion_text][/fullwidth]