Volume VII – Men As the Weaker Sex: Controlling Others with Fear, Guilt and Shame

07-men-as-the-weaker-sexWho is strongest–the one who can lift 300 pounds, or the one who knows that the “need” to compete with others isn’t necessary? To prove what cannot be proven is the quest of the shadow masculine out of a focus on his own insecurities and his need to convince others that he is “right” by speaking loudly, making rules for others, competing, and winning (whatever “winning” means). Above all, he needs to control others by any means possible.

The control-oriented male is the weaker sex. When is a man tough enough to love? To serve? To heal? To choose compassion over competition? Too many men need to lie in order to gain control over others.

Join me on an adventure of breaking free from the lies of the religious patriarchs–the lies of organized Christianity and the agonizing restrictions it has put upon all people. The Christian Church has sinned! It is their turn to repent. From the “95” sins of the church listed in this book, to the utter failure of fabricated beliefs, its horrific failure to love others as Jesus taught, its ignorance of what he required, its blind choices to not practice his words, and its abject refusal to care for a world steeped in blindness, Christianity has failed! Beyond the teachings of Jesus, that it ignores, Christianity has become the greatest source of the wounding of the human spirit where a “sin” focus is more valuable than love.

Learn how to free yourself from the wounds of shame, guilt, judgments, blame, and condemnation that twist the human soul rather than set it free. The real God isn’t angry with us. The church has been lying about that for over 1700 years.