Finding ourselves existing in a three dimensional world that we inherently know is but temporary, we also realize that we too are here temporarily. How could life be so short? Why? What is behind the veil of this reality? Perhaps that veil is in our own minds and hearts. If so, how are we to transcend the temporary and learn to live in it and beyond it at the same time? Not only is this possible, but living in that reality 24/7 can be our ever-present experience.

In this three-dimensional reality humans are faced with choices. How are we to cope with the fear of not surviving? Is this beyond our control? What does that mean? We realize that we are temporarily here buy for how long we don’t know. Inherent in this lifetime is the fear of losing. As Yoda from Star Wars said: “The fear of losing is the path to the dark side.” But lose what? Love? Control? Freedom? Possessions? Why does losing something need to affect our inner security? It doesn’t.

Most people, especially men it seems, desperately need to control situations, people, circumstances and the outcomes thereof or they just can’t tolerate being alive. Why? Since when does thinking we control something or someone make   us more secure? That’s an illusion. The proof of that is seen in the illusion of separation and the need to continue to control others or else life just isn’t worth living. Perpetual control comes out of one’s deepest fears and insecurities. The “need” to control is the greatest evidence that such a person has zero connection with The Divine.

What does it mean to “not have enough?” Enough what?–time, food, money, security, possessions? What does enough mean? How do we know what enough looks like? If you died tomorrow, would what you have today be enough? The truth is we don’t even know what “enough” means! If we could step into a whole new realm of consciousness that transcended all we don’t know, would we do that? What if we were to find our definitions of reality transformed into a state of never again worrying about any “need?” Would we do what is required of us to live in that reality? How difficult is it to let go? Letting go of our illusions actually may not be that difficult! Interested? You are about to discover how.

There is a quality of life that is beyond being out-of-control or needing to control. There is a reality beyond all competitions. Why do we need to compete? Isn’t that about the fear of losing? Maybe all competition is nothing but the fear of losing. What if there were greater gifts in “losing” than there are in winning? There can be! And, I don’t mean feeling that you are a loser or believing the lies that were told to you like, “you deserve the worst? or “you’re not good enough to win!” Those lies come from people who are projecting some hidden energy or agenda onto us! Like the person who saw their mother or father completely diminished by a spouse and they consciously or unconsciously want to be sure that you pay the price for their pain.

So what does all that have to do with gratitude? Gratitude is a conscious step out of feeling the energy of lack or a focus on what we don’t have. To pray is always a focus on what is missing in your life. Isn’t prayer usually asking for more because of “needing” something want but don’t have? Prayer is a focus on needs instead of answers. The only prayer that is needed is “Thank You”! Thank you is the energy of gratitude. Thank you is opening the doors to receive. Thank you and gratitude are the same. Thank you is the recognition that I cannot make things happen by myself. I need help. How do I get that help? Gratitude is connection to the power that can open the doors “with” me. Gratitude is Divine connection. Gratitude is surrender within connection. Surrender does not mean giving up or being a victim! Surrender is to flow together with and in connection with my Higher Self which is The Divine Within. TOGETHER we will accomplish far more than going it alone. Together we will solve the problems we face. Together we will flow in the beauty of needs being met and then share with others as we create a world where everyone wins. A winner is not the one who gains at the expense of someone else. A true winner is one who wins along with others. Together we are all winners. Separated we are all losers.

Practicing gratitude then becomes living in the sheer delight of serendipity and “Divine magic” where unexpected things happen right before our eyes, problems are solved, doors are opened, needs are met, and our hearts overflow with delight inexpressible. Gratitude takes us into beauty as never before. Delight and appreciation become our “mantras.”

People who are living in gratitude meet each other in cooperation, appreciation, and community. We connect with each other in the celebration of life. We     share each other’s purpose for being alive here on the planet. Then all of our connections break forth into creativity. Creativity yields more and more opportunity for others to find their purpose in life and return the energies of gratitude, connection, delight and a growing community.

In all of our experiences we learn to live in a three dimensional world but we are no longer attached to the things that are in it. We exist beyond the material as we dwell in the spiritual realms. Yet we learn to integrate both in cosmic connections. What we truly experience in all of this is that we are living “eternal life” right NOW! We’ve always been eternal. Our temporary time in this reality is part of our eternal progress whereby we will serve Divine purposes in the ages to come because of what we’ve learned here and now! Perhaps you’ll be someone’s guardian angel later on, an E.T., a spirit guide for a lost soul. The possibilities are endless because you are eternal. Gratitude is the beginning of a grand adventure. Will you take the next step into gratitude, Divine connection, purpose and more?

I write all this out of personal experience–not theory. As I’ve learned to practice gratitude, my life has taken on a glow of delight that all my friends recognize. I am deeply excited about all that is coming into my life. Your life can reflect this too.

–Jim Stacey, all rights reserved