Faith is only a make-believe response to fear deep within one’s soul. Faith is easier than dealing with ones fears and finding answers to life’s most threatening problems. Faith is easier than doing ones inner work that Yeshua (Jesus) taught was required of all who claim to “follow” him. He said that to actually practice what he taught and live those truths in ones actions and relationships, is to build one’s “house” (his/her life) on a solid “rock.” To just make-believe, or create some “faith,” to choose to “trust” what one does not know for sure, or to create a false hope built on beliefs only, is to build ones house on the “sand.” “When the storms of life hit and the winds of uncertainty blow, the houses (lives) built on living the truth will stand, but the houses built on beliefs alone will fall flat.” (Aramaic)

“Beliefs” are no more than substitutes for dealing with reality that one does not want to face. “Faith” is no more than a refusal to deal with these fears. “Trust” is no more than a false, make-believe “relationship” with a fake, angry, male god up in the sky. “Hope” is no more than an escape route from all the misery resulting from those fabricated beliefs (theology and dogma). Dogma creates “sin” and the fear of judgment. Yeshua never once taught those distortions. For much more on this see my book, Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon. https://meetjimstacey.comliberating-jesus-from-christianity-healing-from-the-fear-and-shame-of-religious-dogma/


Therefore, I don’t believe in faith. I have no hope in belief. I do not trust in hope. I find no hope in faith. I refuse to trust in faith, wherein there is zero answers to today’s real problems here in a predatory capitalist system. I choose instead to KNOW! I choose to build my life upon the “rock” as Yeshua taught. I’ve braved many storms–my house still stands! It stands because years ago I chose to find out what Yeshua really taught in his native tongue, the Aramaic language, and find out how to practice those principles. I’ve been studying it now for sixteen years and I find that I always have more to learn and I’m doing that every day. I refuse to let my ego get lost in the make-believe choices if faith, trust, hope, and beliefs. It is within those that people avoid dealing with the unknown and learning from it. I refuse to let my ego rule my life by hiding in a make-believe “safe” place that is not safe at all. Faith, trust, hope and beliefs are all distractions from doing the deeper inner work on my spiritual path to KNOWING. Yeshua said: “You will come to know the TRUTH  by practicing my words. And that knowing will set you free deep within.” (Aramaic) The Aramaic for “set you free” means that which will take you to experiencing The Divine within yourself! See Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon and Liberating Your Most Beautiful Self, on my website,

Yeshua also spoke of many other spiritual practices that are required of all those who build their “house” on the rock. They are:

1) The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!–It is not up in the sky, it is not some “heaven” and it is not somewhere in the future. The kingdom is NOW and it is WITHIN YOU! It is yours to discover. There is no kingdom without the presence of a king. The king within is the presence of The Divine Itself within you and me and everyone else. No one can just believe in this or have some blind faith in it. Yeshua said there is one more requirement to this kingdom within–“You must learn how to enter what is already within you!”

2) Enter the Kingdom within–It is up to each human whether or not they will discover this truth by choosing to leave behind the attachments and distractions of this temporary three-dimensional world of “things.” To choose to walk ones spiritual path instead of the false comfort of beliefs is the key. To learn how to discover the kingdom within and how to connect with it is paramount. But Yeshua went even further when he said: “And what you bring forth from within you will save you, and what you refuse to bring forth will keep you in the dark place of your shadow self.” (the ego and the shadow self are synonymous) While most people are busy hiding what is within them and projecting their own shame onto others, Yeshua said, bring forth all that you are ashamed of, choose a positive energy and life practice to replace that and become a new person, and by this continual practice you will save yourself from being trapped in the darkness of your smaller self–your ego.

3) Give birth to a new Self–He never said “you must be born again.” He said in the Aramaic, “Do the inner spiritual work of self-transformation by calling forth Light from the shadow within.” (see my article, Emerging From the Shadow on  This work is the “Let there be Light” within oneself. Darkness be gone! I will let my Light shine by being and knowing not by believing only. It is ones choice and the practice of spiritual truths that bring forth that Light –Divine connection and higher consciousness–and a deeper awareness of spiritual realities. Those realities include knowing that I am The Divine in human form, knowing that I am already eternal, and knowing what it is to give birth to a new Self. The one who believes only, without all the experiences of walking the spiritual path of Yeshua, will never overcome the inner victim. He/she will never bring forth their shadow self and transform it, will never dispel the ego’s grip upon them and will never experience eternal life “springing up from within you” as Yeshua said in the story of “the woman at the well.” (John 4:13-14) See also my book “Overcoming the Inner “Victim” coming soon to  He told that woman that it was a practice of his teachings that would bring her to experience “eternal life springing up from within her!” No beliefs were required, nor could any belief ever help anyone experience eternal life. Eternal life is the result of an ongoing practice of Yeshua’s teachings.

Those who only believe are those who live in fear, hide in religion and are smothered by the old “victim” energies. They fear the unknown as they live in pretense; hoping, trusting, believing that somehow their faith will get them safely to the other side of this lifetime. In all of that they will never know what oneness with The Divine is like. They will never know the Sacred Breath that Yeshua said was most important in realizing the birthing of a new Self. (see my article Breathing Into Oneness, on for more on the Sacred Breath) They will never know how to live beyond the ego. Beliefs are only attempts to fill the “void” of the unknown along with the fears thereof. The higher we climb on the path to our highest purpose, the smaller we appear to those who have none.

Beliefs without practice never help people rise out of the attachments to the “things” in this three-dimensional existence here on planet Earth. I call that being trapped in the three “Ds” of unconsciousness.

1) Dizzy–there in the chaos of the ordinary and the constant changes all around them, the unpredictability of life that leaves them without “control” over life’s events, the “believer” retreats into a desperate “holding onto” energy of conserving. This is exactly what “conservative” religious games are all about. (See my article Living Above the Chaos on

2) Deluded–Thinking that one can conserve anything and keep change from happening is futile. To conserve or “save” something here in a world of constant change is worthless at best. The “fake reality” of temporary things locks people into “sameness” rather than the adventures of flowing with change, and even changing oneself along the way. It was Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, who said: “To change with change is the changeless state.” In other words, just keep changing with change and you will never have to change. No one can change weeds growing, a car rusting, bugs biting, illness/cancer from happening, storms from coming, lightening striking, nor all the “accidents” of life that are trying to teach us to wake up to reality and choose what is eternal–not merely temporary.

3) Distracted–Every “possession” one holds onto is passing away. All of the things one so desperately tries to “keep” are vanishing; right now. In all that, the “belief” person is terrified by “what happened?” and confused by “why that?” They are focused on the pain of “she/he said _________” or “they did __________”. All of these are just excuses and saying, “but ________!” Don’t let the size of your “but” keep you from the spiritual realities that will change your life in a vastly more beautiful way than you can now imagine.

The only reason I can write about all this is because I spent over 40 years in the old faith, belief, trust and hope system of religion. I now know beyond any doubt that there were zero answers for me there. Sixteen years ago, I became aware of the beauty and power of Yeshua and his Aramaic teachings. Far, far beyond and deeper than anything in the man-made bible, came a whole new life for me and a new way of being–that of the spiritual practices of the truths he taught. I am vastly different than I was before Yeshua’s powerful transforming teachings. (If you will send me an email at, I’ll tell you about some other authors who’ve written books on the Aramaic you will enjoy)

I now KNOW of the kingdom of heaven WITHIN me. I KNOW what it is to give birth to a new Self and to keep doing that continually. I KNOW what it is to enter that kingdom and bring forth my own shadow self and transform it. I KNOW I am eternal and that I am The Divine in human form. I KNOW and I’m still learning. I KNOW how to live above the chaos of a temporary world.

And, I choose to KNOW more. For right here and now even in the unknown of everyday I seek to listen, to ask, open to more, know more, and to wonder with an excitement to keep learning. I choose to explore, to pursue, to discover, to dig deeper, challenge everything, question all, seek more, knock on all the doors of opportunity, experience more of The Divine within, to connect, unwrap, be aware, awaken to even more and keep living this adventure called life. This is to live in transcendent awareness above the chaos of not knowing. (see my article Living Above the Chaos on

It was Helen Keller who said: “Life is either a bold, daring adventure, or it is nothing.” Yeshua agrees. “Save yourself from this unconscious generation” were his words of advice. “Salvation” is a do-it-yourself way of living. Your path will be made clear by your walking it, not by your waiting for it to happen.


–Jim Stacey, All rights reserved