Volume III – Letting Go of All Illusions: The End of Guilt, Shame and Remorse

03-letting-go-of-all-illusionsBeyond all the old feelings of shame, smallness, and worthlessness there is another perspective that changes everything. When is the last time you celebrated a mistake you made instead of feeling guilty? The Divine never condemns us–only men do that. Walk with me in the delights of hearing The Divine say: “All mistakes have their roots in Me.” Our mistakes are NOT “sin.” There are no opposites of wicked/righteous, guilty/innocent or even good/bad. The Divine sees us as much more than the labels of humanity. We are here on a path of learning from our mistakes, transforming our shadow parts, and choosing our highest Self on our way back Home. Let’s dance together in the beauty of what we can only learn by making mistakes and growing beyond them. Your next choice is….