Liberating Jesus from Christianity: Healing from the Fear and Shame of Religious Dogma


Liberating Jesus from Christianity: Healing from the Fear and Shame of Religious DogmaJim Stacey, a passionate writer, has completed his new book “Liberating Jesus from Christianity: Healing from the Fear and Shame of Religious Dogma”: a book that will rock the reader to the core and leave them wondering.

Jim Stacey grew up in the nightmare of abuse, shame, and fear that he was taught by the dogma of the Christian church. That experience was his for over thirty-eight years, even nineteen years in the ordained ministry. At the age of forty-three, he left the church and the pain and suffering behind. He knew there had to be more to life. But what? And where could he find it?

One day he “accidentally” discovered a book that revealed the healing power of the Aramaic language of Jesus (Yeshua). With just one reading the Aramaic translation of The Lord’s Prayer, Jim knew his healing had begun. Knowing today what it is to experience the “kingdom of heaven within” as Jesus taught, he now knows the experience of Divine connection deep within. The healing he sought for so long is now a reality as he found the way to leave the pain and suffering behind him. He knows how to celebrate his mistakes, to live beyond shame and guilt, and to live in the power of overcoming the ego and its shadow.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Jim Stacey’s enlightening tale allows the reader to experience a different side of Jesus Christ through the writings of the Aramaic language.

Author Jim Stacey explains “Some have asked, ‘Who are you to write a book that questions the honesty of the Christian religion built upon Jesus and the cross?’ I say because I know today that Christianity is a lie! The fake Jesus they created with theology is not real: they are both lies. The real Jesus (Yeshua) taught love for all (including ones enemies). He taught of an experiential, personally knowable Divine connection deep inside. He never taught the concepts of guilt, shame, fear, or the idea of “sin” that angers some god up in the sky.

It’s time to give up Christianity but keep the real Jesus (Yeshua) and the healing power of the Aramaic language that he spoke. The Greek, Latin, and English are only purposeful distortions of what he taught. The church “fathers” made sure they were needed by humanity as spiritual authorities, so their fabricated Bible became their tool of control. There is no such thing as a “spiritual authority.” Dogma holds people in ignorance, fear, and dependence. The proof of this is seen in the fact that very soon after the Roman Catholic Church was established at the Council of Nicaea in 325CE (1,700 years ago) they began to burn tens of thousands of people at the stake. Why? Because the people didn’t accept their newly made-up dogma. The newly formed church demanded that their fabrications were suddenly “the only truth,” and everyone must conform or else. Christianity would never have survived without their violent actions of the next twelve centuries. Today their violence is seen in their actions against the LGBT community, women, and other races.

“They also decided what was to be included in a new book that they put together and then labeled it God’s Word or The Holy Bible to make it sound authentic. It is neither! Their Bible even says it’s okay to lie in order to promote the kingdom of heaven. It says that unicorns are real, and that it is permissible to kidnap and rape virgins—as well as many other very strange ideas. But the church demands that people believe in their “kingdom”—not the one Jesus taught was already within each human being.

“I write to expose the lies of fake Christianity and reveal the Aramaic Jesus and his words that the church has never known. HIs words have been lost to humanity for over 1,900 years. To know what he said and how to experience it renders the church as nothing but a useless appendage with absolutely zero authority of any kind. I’ve studied the Aramaic now for fifteen years and counting. I share this everywhere I go. Your turn to heal awaits your discovery of the real Jesus too. Your most Beautiful Self awaits your choice to be who you really are, not what others have told you that you are.”

Readers who wish to experience this bold work can purchase “Liberating Jesus from Christianity: Healing from the Fear and Shame of Religious Dogma” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.


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