Liberating Your Most Beautiful Self: The “Hero’s Journey” from Religion to the Beauty of Your Life’s Purpose

Religion to the Beauty of Your Life's PurposeAs beautiful as the physical world can be, there is a truth about those images that can keep us blind to deeper realities. Do we dare take the masks off of temporary distractions? In the same moments when we find ourselves satisfied with all that we know or have, we also find that our current definitions of reality are far too small. Materialism robs us of becoming our most beautiful Self. But there are other masks. Powerful masks; masks that if we allow them into our consciousness, can take us to the depths of all that lies behind all we see with our eyes. What are those masks? They are the very myths that reveal the deepest truths of the Universe to us. And when one finds the courage to go inside, takes off the masks of the ego that hide ones Higher Self, that one begins to discover and experience The Divine Within. This experience of The Divine Within was what Yeshua was trying to communicate to all his listeners as he told parable after parable (mythical stories) to reveal the truth about “the kingdom of heaven within”–this is the Essence of who we truly are. There is no “god” up in the sky waiting to punish us. Your most Beautiful Self awaits your choices to be more than ever before.

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