The teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) are some of the most positive, life enhancing, delightful insights we can ever know. As we learn to embody them, practice them, and choose to be love toward others, we can experience a deep, inner transformation. No guilt, shame, remorse, fear, or theological restrictions were ever taught by Yeshua. You get to choose your own path and become who you chose to be before you came to the planet. You can celebrate your most beautiful Self ever! Those life-enhancing insights can be known and experienced deep within by stepping into and opening up to the energy of “loving yourself!” https://meetjimstacey.comthe-message-of-the-one-who-lived-for-us/

Loving Your Own SelfLove yourself? Some say: “Who ever came up with such a selfish idea?” How many voices in your life have encouraged you to truly love your “self?” How many voices have, instead, shamed you, blamed you, condemned you and more? Which voices have affected you the most for good or for harm? To love our Self was the focus of Yeshua as part of the most important of all our actions and choices. The truth is that we cannot love others unselfishly until we learn to love our own self unconditionally and without shame.

Jesus never died for anyone! He never said he came here to do that. He came for a far more beautiful purpose. What he taught was that he came to “live” for others by reminding them of the ancient truths that were long forgotten, and how to apply them to their lives. That is much more important. He said: “I have come to be the voice of ancient truths that have been pushed aside.” The society around him in that Roman world of brutality had lost its way. He came to awaken people to the truth of who they really are. Humans were far more valuable than just being slaves in the Roman world. Jesus came to live for us and share the truths that transform lives. No wonder the Romans hated his message. No wonder the Roman Catholic Church followed suit and enslaved people with their new dogma.

Indeed there is a Source of all Life. Most people have never experienced what Yeshua really taught–“the kingdom of heaven within you”–neither do they KNOW of that reality deep inside. So many people get caught up in denying the lies of Christianity (as well they should) but they do not try to understand what the Aramaic Jesus really taught. He taught “practicing” the principles, not believing in your head. No one can KNOW of the truth in his teachings without a practice of them. Like “loving your enemies” for example. And, much more….