Christianity is dead! Did Trump kill it or was it an inside job. What we are experiencing is the blossoming of bigotry. If there ever was a bigot who lived his life totally contrary to Jesus’ teachings, it is Trump. His racism, misogyny, pride, arrogance, cheating, others by refusing to pay them for their goods and services, his denial of reality, toxic attitudes, mockery of the disabled, sexual predator issues, and much more are exactly what Jesus warned people to live above.

Then we have Christian lawmakers, preachers and tyrants (as seen in the headlines of today’s news from around the world) living in the bigotry of toxic dogma while blaming others for their own dark side, cheating on their wives as so many ministers have done, abusing those less fortunate by taking away access to food and shelter, abusing children with the fear of “god’s” punishment in fire, shaming all but their own self, and parading their self-righteousness and cheap forgiveness. How many times I’ve heard the excuse, “I’m not perfect, just forgiven,” and off they go to keep “sinning” and confessing, over and over and over without changing their behavior or their attitude.

But when one has lots of money, they just don’t care as Trump has shown. And when one has lots of dogma and a mega-church to back them up, they just don’t care either. Clearly, the blossoming of bigotry is an inside job where toxic Christians refuse to live as their “lord and savior” required. Jesus is neither and never has been. Trump has only revealed the attitude of the church that has been lurking just under the mask of idolatry. They hold their favorite idol in their hands and use it to hurt others with their anger, guilt, shame, pride, self-righteousness, judgments, and much more. Their man-made bible is that idol! All of these have contributed to the death of Christianity–a religion of shame and pretense, just like Trump. Actually he was a very good Christian before claiming to now be one.