Overcoming The Inner “Victim”: From Enslavement to Other’s Opinions to Activating Your Most Powerful Voice

Overcoming The Inner “Victim”There is an entrance into the victims’ “dark night of the soul” and there is an exit from it. I know by experience what these are. This book is intended to assist you in 1) knowing how your dark night began, 2) knowing why it began, 3) coming to understand and then claim its powerful gift to your life purpose, 4) embracing your exit from it, 5) experiencing power over it, 6) embodying the deepest truths ever, and 7) living in celebration of your awakening to higher consciousness. The one who is living in transcendent awareness embraces being wrong, is eager to learn more, is largely free of illusions, doesn’t worry about others’ opinions, and is not reluctant to question even his/her own self.


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