A Spiritual Journey from Shame to Celebration


This series of books, A Spiritual Journey from Shame to Celebration is written not as a roadmap of spiritual directives, but rather as a guide to encourage you to make your own path of discovery and Divine connection. On a typical map you’ll always find the easiest routes from _________ to _________. However, comparing a map that shows a whole country or a whole state on one page or two, is vastly different from the detailed local county map of the same areas. Stretching across the landscape, at times so easy that it becomes a rather monotonous and tiresome means to reach a destination, the Interstate highway offers the fastest, most convenient, least bothersome way to travel. Racing past the unique energies of small towns, points of interest both historical and attractive to the curious mind, bypassing all but boredom, the superhighway is a vital piece of the “rat race” of a lost society, taking people quickly from nowhere to nowhere.

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Package contains:

  • Volume I–The Divine Within: The Quest for Spiritual Identity
  • Volume II – Spirituality: Experiencing The Divine Within
  • Volume III – Letting Go of All Illusions: The End of Guilt, Shame and Remorse
  • Volume IV–The Aramaic Jesus: The Message of the One Who LIVED for US
  • Volume V – The Spiritual Journey: Claiming the Gifts in Pain and Suffering
  • Volume VI – Entering What is Already Within: The Kingdom/Queendom In Balance
  • Volume VII – Men As the Weaker Sex: Controlling Others with Fear, Guilt and Shame
  • Volume VIII – Conversations with “St.” Paul, The Homophobic Preacher: Owning Our Shadows and Healing Deep Within
  • Volume IX – Creating Intimate Relationships: The Secret of Shared Divinity
  • Volume X – Sacred Parenting: Raising Unexpected Divinity


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