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New International Talk Radio Show

Host: Jim Stacey, Internationally known Author, Radio and Television personality

Our new Internet radio show Beyond Religion airs on the 7th Wave Channel, part of the VoiceAmerica Network, the largest producer of live Internet talk radio in the world. The show airs once a week every Tuesday. Each hour-long show features a different discussion topic and most of the shows will be live, so we invite you to call in (on a toll free number) with questions! You can easily listen on your computer or on your mobile device. Find Out How.

• Your Life Is Your Choice–No More Smallness, Blame, or Shame
• Saying Goodbye to the old “victim” energies
• Awakening to Your Hidden Destiny
• Learning to Love Your “Shadow Self”–Goodbye Guilt and Remorse
• Celebrating All Your Mistakes as You Learn From Them
• Claiming Your Deeper Life Purpose
• Giving Birth to Your Most Beautiful Self
• Experiencing Gratitude and Unconditional Love Deep Inside
• Letting Go of All that Causes You Pain/Suffering
• Discovering Your Connection to Divine Energy Within YouGo to and download the app.

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Every Tuesday (9am PST / Noon EST / 6pm German time & 5pm in UK.)
The show will be rebroadcast at 9pm PST / Midnight EST

Live Toll-free Call in Number:

1-866-472-5795; (Outside of US & Canada: 480-553-5747)

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