Is the idea of a stuffy old “god” up in the sky still scaring the “hell” into you? Who says so? Who invented that external, angry, punishment oriented “god” in the first place? Ah yes, it was the men who founded the religions of the world that loved the idea of controlling the people. They came up with fear and shame as their best tools. Fear controls both the angry voice and the “victim” as well. Both are deeply harmed. Both are out-of-control of their own lives. But there is hope!


What if you personally were to experience the real Source of your existence, the Spirit of the Universe, The Divine, or whatever name you prefer, as being deep inside yourself? Yes you can know that! Yeshua (Jesus) taught this reality. The Christian church never has. Instead, the church left the loving Divine in the dust of history along with Jesus and all that he taught. Most people don’t believe that they are The Divine in human form. But that is only because no one has ever shared the truth with them.

In his series of books: From Shame to Celebration, Jim Stacey writes to reveal the beauty and power in knowing The Divine deep within your own Self. See:  https://meetjimstacey.comexperiencing-the-divine-within/ for details. Being fully alive is your next adventure. Are you ready?