Nothing dark and painful can determine your future! A lasting happiness cannot be found in setting goals and pressing on until we achieve them. That may feel good at times but that achievement is dwarfed by our finding the “gift” in what is painful. That gift awaits the one who steps into any situation and claims the gift waiting for them there.

Suffering and PainHad enough pain and suffering? Have you ever thought about those “gifts” that can come into your life because of some pain or suffering? If that is difficult to imagine and you don’t want to think about it, why not? Perhaps hiding behind the mask of the temporary, pain and suffering is offering an insight, a lesson, or a solution to a problem you’d never expect. Pain and suffering will vanish when you demand to know why it has shown up in your experience.

After that, it is our job to listen and be aware of why it is present here and now. When you see that and open to learning how to claim that gift, you are much wiser and stronger for having done that. Wisdom, life insights, and lessons are all desiring to contribute to how wise and strong we can become.

Remember: Anything that is beautiful, many times comes to us as the result of suffering some pain along the way. That is what teaches us to look for beauty and to not be satisfied with the “ordinary.” The beauty of being “fully alive” each day is galvanized within us by adversity, oppression, and struggle.

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