Amidst the seething anger, tempers flaring, mockery more abundant than even the hatred at times, Trump is being roasted by his own words and actions. Mass demonstrations, groups of angry people chasing their elected representative into his get-away car, and many other forms of protests are today more prevalent than we’ve seen here in the “un-united states” we call our country.  https://meetjimstacey.comletting-go-of-all-illusions/

What If Trump Is A Mirror?

But is there something else at the heart of the chaos, gently nudging us with an alternative, asking some questions to challenge us all? What if Trump is a gift in disguise, like a mirror that reflects back to us some issues we need to look at deep within our own self? I’ve chosen to look and then own those issues, transform them by consciously choosing to change them. Any resemblance within that matches his fascism, racism, misogyny, lying, narcissistic nonsense, and his ego gone astray, must be transformed into loving all others and choosing to live consciously. He is either the Great Fool or a Mirror–or both??

Yes, it’s possible to state the truth about Trump’s ugliness as a fact rather than    as a projection of my own or a judgment. The truth is the truth. I want to be sure that  I am stating the truth as clearly as possible with no ties to my own shadow self. What I know is, if my voice is to be as effective as possible, it will only be that when it comes from a place of clarity and honesty, instead of just reacting to his narcissistic ways. There is no need for any guilt, shame, or dismay in being honest. Honesty takes us far above all that to a place of celebration in our transforming all those old energies into all that is positive, conscious, and inclusive of others who are also learning.

So with all that I say, “thank you Trump, for being everything that I do not want to be!” That mirror will be my reminder each day as I walk in continuous, delightful, transformation of the old. Just maybe his lack of loving will actually encourage us to “love our neighbors” instead of hating others out of selfishness. We can all do this work. Celebration is at hand!!