Have you ever wondered what God might see when looking in a mirror? How big would that mirror have to be for The Divine to see Itself? Looking at this question literally is, of course, rather silly. However, to ponder this from the perspective of what might actually be reflections of Divinity, is a different issue altogether.

I recently asked this question on Facebook. I got back some very interesting answers. One person said “nothing.” Another said “impossible.” And other not so deep responses were offered. The next day someone who obviously had done more thinking responded with “you, me, us, and everyone.”

I knew the kind of answer I was looking for but I didn’t want to limit others by my own perspective. So I carefully looked at each response. As I pondered the question, I too wondered just what there is in our physical reality that might be reflections of The Divine. What indeed would be a worthy reflection of all that is?

Most people on the planet don’t seriously consider themselves to be a reflection of The Divine, as that one person queried. Perhaps it is the quality of one’s spiritual experiences that bring this idea into the realm of the possible. Certainly, the lack of meaningful spiritual experiences would prevent anyone from having such an “absurd” idea that we are reflections of Divinity. But there is another ingredient that contributes to the perspective that would never see humans as Divine reflections. That ingredient is nothing less than the man-made religions that see the human as “sinful,” separated from their Source, and deserving punishment. Perhaps no patriarchal religion is more guilty of that than Christianity. Our “divinity” is obliterated in its damnation theology, wherein we are condemned to “fire” before we take our first breath. This idea is a lie!

So  who are we really? Are we beings created “in the image of” The Divine and then fell into some dreadful state? Or are we those who’ve been created “in the image of” The Divine and actually possess a Divine nature amidst other shadow parts, that are not “sin” as Christianity says, but rather opportunities for birthing a new self continuously as Jesus said in the Aramaic? You decide who you are! When Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven is within you,” he meant it as a reality that not open to question. When he said, “birth a new self” again and again, he acknowledged the shadow parts of us that are real, but DO NOT separate us from our Divine Source. They are opportunities for growth within the human drama.

So, I ask you to sit in meditation, take a walk in the woods or along the ocean shore, and in the energy of those places consider the fact that you are part of The Divine–your Source of life! Every breath you take is proof that you are part of that Great Source of Life. What difference does it make for you to see yourself as Divine with inner work to do (as Jesus said), rather than being undeserving of Divine connection as the church says? The problem with theological “grace” is that it always paints human beings as being so guilty and shame-based that they do not deserve to be seen as part of The Divine. Nonsense!

Quantum physics has been telling us for quite some time that the Universe is much more than just inert matter. These scientists tell us about the reality of the hologram patterns of the Universe in which the tiniest part is a reflection of the whole; and the whole is a reflection of the tiniest part. When I first heard Deepak Chopra talking about this concept, something was stirred deep within myself as I began to see and embrace this reality. The essence of the whole is always reflected in every part of it.

In the pursuit of discovering the smallest particle of matter, scientists found the molecule, then the atom, and then nothing put pure active energy holding every atom together–the ever moving energy of what they labeled as  electrons, protons, and neutrons. These three are nothing more than labels for Divine energy within every atom of creation. This is the energy that is constantly holding everything together–without which the whole Universe would disintegrate into nothingness once again.

So, are we as physical and spiritual beings, the containers of Divine energy–Divine life? Yes, indeed we are. You are! And, you and I are growing in that Divinity and becoming far more than we’ve yet been or known up to this day of this existence. Why have you come to this planet at this time? Do you remember?

In Jesus day, they know nothing of quantum physics as we know it today. So Jesus revealed the truth in the language of the people and told them of the reality of their Divinity by saying “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” In the Aramaic, he literally said, “the queendom of heaven is within you.” (See Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon.com for details on this amazing truth) In other words, “the birthing life of The Divine is inside of you” is a way of saying it. The fullness of the Divine Feminine and Masculine is required to bring about the birthing of a new self within. And, here we are! As one songwriter put it, “high above the earth, I was given birth in love.” (see the cd, One World, by Doug Bottorff)

So, back to our original question, what would God see in a mirror? Since The Divine is within every atom of creation, as the Sacred She/He energy, God would see the whole Universe from the “outside” looking in with the most powerful stream of Love imaginable. And, God would also be seeing the whole Universe from the “inside” looking out with the same quality of Love. Since Love is Sacred Union, The Divine would see YOU and every other “you” and also “WE” as parts of Itself, connected in Sacred Union. There is no separation whatsoever in the energy of Sacred Union. We are One!

Christian theology has distorted the whole “Divine Picture!” And today, after more than 1700 years of hearing the lie about who we really are, it is indeed difficult to see the reality of our Divinity without the spiritual path practices of the Aramaic Jesus. The word “grace” should never have been invented. Jesus never used it or anything like it. But if I were to use the word “grace,” I would use it as an acronym and say that “God’s Reflection Absolutely Celebrates Everyone!” God is constantly “looking,” as if through a mirror, at the whole Universe Itself! Celebrate your Divinity today! It is who you really are.

See my book Liberating Jesus From Christianity, on Amazon for more details.

Jim Stacey–all rights reserved