Once upon a time, in the land of the Dragon of Fear, a plan was being developed by The Grand Council of Dragons. Realizing that the earthlings were just too afraid of dragons because of their size, their fiery breath, and barbed tails, their plan was to create a way to appear less fearful. In this way their  control over the earth beings could be achieved by what would look and feel like harmless cooperation.

As their global scheme began to unfold, they decided that they must appear in forms that wouldn’t threaten the earthlings so much.  To deceptively appear as creatures that the earthlings actually trusted, instead of the monsters they truly were, became the goal of The Grand Dragon Council. Appearing one way while actually being the exact opposite was the easiest way to entrap the earthlings and achieve their sinister plans.

With their scheme fully developed, The Council decided that they would appear as earthlings best friends—dogs—Deceptively Organized Guilt & Shame. Convincing their victims that they were harmless, devoted, protective and absolutely essential for the earthlings, their plan continued to unfold. After all, the “dogs” were now the only source of truth as they played the game of “go fetch” over and over. As the earthlings fell asleep in the false comforts of the “dog” games, the control of these mini-dragons was being established.

Who Turned the Dogs Loose?

In convincing the earthlings that they, themselves, were actually in control of the dogs, the deceptions grew. In those deceptions the dogs were allowing themselves to be penned up in the grand “dog pound,” as the pretense continued. With the dogs convincing the earthlings that they were harmless servants, the earthlings bought into the deceptions–“hook, line, and sinker.” The earthlings fed the dogs, took them for walks, and gave them bones to chew on. In all this “normal” activity, they had no clue as to what was happening. When the dogs barked, growled, pooped, or showed their teeth in anger, they allowed the earthlings to believe that they were the dogs’ masters, by pretending to obey.  The earthlings were thus enslaved to attend to the dogs every demand.

And with all the pretense, the earthlings were caught in the grand scheme of the mini-dragons. The Dragons of deception were now controlling both the dogs and the earthlings. But no scheme of deception can be practiced without the deceivers also becoming deceived. The earthlings believed that they were in control—not the dogs; and the dogs believed that they were in control—not the Dragons.  Deceptions were now the “truth.”

(The “need” to be in control is the evidence that fear is what takes all its victims to the “dark side” of self-righteousness, shame, guilt, and enslavement to externals. To feel “chosen” is the gateway to the ego’s domain. To embody negative energies is the shadow of every dog and every earthling wherein “I have no flaws—you do” is the mantra of those blinded by dishonesty. In this ego nonsense, the “scapegoat” mentality prevails, as the energy of blaming others for one’s own negative actions becomes the norm.)

Within all the chaos of blame and shame, in-fighting between the dogs over which dog was more right than the others, began to dominate the dog pound. And the winners were—the “chosen ones” as they loved to call themselves even while knowing deep inside that they were fake. Every dog that buys into the chosen syndrome, becomes chosen too. This was the message put out to all. The earthlings, or at least some of them, seemed to be buying into the scam. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel special?

But all seemed well in the dog pound that day—the day when unknown to all, a drastic change was about to be unleashed. As the earthlings fed the dogs and made sure they were all comfortable, they too retired for the night, deep in the slumber of deception. What was on the horizon in that moment went unnoticed by all. Storm clouds of ominous proportions were gathering.

The storm hit that night—a storm that mirrored the chaos of the energies of control and fear. The dragons were self-serving in creating their victims, and enslaving all other creatures, while claiming that they were more special than others. Relentlessly indiscriminate, the storm became, as the “safe places” of    the dominated earthlings were destroyed. By morning nothing was the same,   nor would it ever be again until the Pound Fathers would raise their ugly energies once again. The landscape was totally altered. No longer could   the earthlings understand the difference between internals and externals. The damage from the storm obliterated all that they had held valuable. External chaos became internal

chaos as they realized their good old days were gone. But where? By now they were realizing that their days as dog pleasers were gone. Their identity was totally destroyed.

In the aftermath of that storm, The Dragon kingdom looked to be destroyed and scattered beyond recognition. Nothing was the same anymore,    as their external creators were no longer a reality. The feminine was now being recognized as valuable. The earthlings were now wandering about in confusion; as they didn’t know how to act without the dogs controlling their every move. To think for themselves was so new, it was scary beyond their ability to cope in the prison of smallness. Few, if any, of them were able to cope with “freedom.” That was just too disconcerting to consider since they’d always been told to let the dogs choose for them. The choices were to learn to think for themselves and be free of that old prison; or find another one where comfort and security could be their experience once again. Trauma was staring them in the face. The old Dragon energies of fear and self-serving has taken their toll on them all—or almost all.

What the storm revealed was that fear begets fear, that a diseased dog can only bring forth more disease, that control only comes from the weak, and the self-serving ones bring forth only shame and judgments from the authors of guilt.

Why do gods become dogs? Why do dogs become gods? But in reality, to either die in the false comforts of delusion or awaken and overcome the deceptions, are always on the menu of choices. When the door to freedom has long been closed, it does not open easily.

But where were the dogs, the fences, the “safety” of the pound and the freedom to not have to think for oneself or have to wrestle with reality? Many     of the earthlings huddled together at night, desperately trying to remember the comforts of past days. To be lost in the midst of what feels like “home” is the greatest sense of losing ever. When “home” is actually slavery, what then does home really mean? The aftermath of the storm was unbearable for those who refused to think again. But many did choose the path out of slavery to the masculine.

Then, just as it seemed that all hope was gone, as some of the earthlings were walking along an unfamiliar trail one day, suddenly they smelled something very familiar. Could it be, they wondered? Sniffing further along the trail, it was getting stronger as something was stirring deep within them. And then, with a turn down the next part of the trail, there it was! Dog poop! “There has to be a lost dog nearby,” they shouted with great excitement. “We must find him!” The celebration was almost deafening as they were connecting to the old feelings of not having to be alone—or think for themselves. The dogs had been wiping their feet on the earthlings without them realizing what had been happening. That realization was not to be theirs today either.

Suddenly, a distant barking was heard. Which dog it was, they couldn’t tell but their eagerness to know was only diminished by how fast they were running. The very thought of living once again in the security of the pound life, drove them onward, as they were not willing to see anything new.

And while they’d heard of the existence of ancient teachers that were    held in high regard because they taught earthlings how to live free beyond the domination of dogs, they just didn’t have to courage to trade that old security   for the delights of exploring the unknown. The dogs they had known told them about those earlier teachers but had also convinced them that, as official dogs,    it would be unwise to believe anything else. After all, the dogs knew best. They had developed a better path for earthlings to follow because they were never supposed to be free—just trust the dogs. Dogs know best, otherwise what would have been the purpose for all the dog pounds in the past? All those rules  were based on the ancient teachers, or so they were told. “Our interpretations are the only right ones,” they repeated over and over. “You dare not question that or think for yourselves because that is a slippery slope to punishment in a very bad place.”

As that teaching was deeply embedded in their souls, the earthlings were secure in the copy-cat thinking of the dog pound and they couldn’t wait to have that experience their reality once again. The delusions of ignorance had become very comfortable. In that comfort it made no difference that the dogs had falsely interpreted and applied the truth of the ancient masters. Even though the behavior of the dogs was the opposite of those masters, the courage to explore truth for themselves was just too difficult. The dog pound manual was much easier. That was all they wanted. And, since the ancient manuals were lost long ago, what else could they do? For an earthling to go on a higher quest would result in being thrown out of the pound and ostracized by all who had not the courage to find deeper truth. Rare was the earthling who left the pound to find it.

Within all the chaos of the storm’s aftermath, the dogs from the pound were eventually found. But now, instead of coming back together, each dog established his own pound of “the only true truth,” built a new fence around it, wrote more essential rules for the manual and the daily living of the earthlings. From all the previous infighting over specific rules, to now having their favorite rules on display for their subjects, was the new reality. These independent dogs were much happier not realizing that their extra “pound of control” was only a reflection of their own inner chaos. In all these energies, the dogs were only proving over and over that they were indeed just “mini-dragons” on the loose.

The control freaks have always been more vicious than caring, no matter what their words sounded like. As the dog pounds flourished in separation and dualism, so the dogs reflected all the inner chaos of the victim energy they loved. After all, dogs will be dogs—or in this case, dragons in disguise. The future was now open to more dogs than ever.

With a bit more time passing, along came Peterdog. Now Peterdog had before had personal contact with an ancient teacher, but he could never quite  understand the truth about his own self. His focus was still on the physical world around him so he needed to have an outward sign that his pound was the most “right” of all. To achieve that, Peterdog cut off part of his tail. A short tail was  now the evidence of the “chosen” ones who were perfect in the sight of the other chosen ones. Perfection was now in vogue even though no dog ever bothered to display that by his own behavior. Keeping the oldest Dragon rules was, after all, most important for Peterdog and his followers.

Soon, another dog showed up. In proclaiming that he was a true follower of the ancient teacher, he even made up a story about an experience of being knocked off his wagon one day and then seeing that old master in some sort of a vision. But Pauldog was a liar. He not only changed the dog food recipe, but openly proclaimed that his lies were promoting the ancient teachers ideals. His lies were later to rule the day for many other dogs who also learned to lie as they proclaimed themselves as the only “right” dogs. Pauldog was so tough, he even became known for denying any value whatsoever for all female beings of any kind. He forgot that weak dogs must become as tough as the females they fear. His ideal was “Control your own pounds!” Even if lies are required to do that. Pauldog was the latest “storm” to hit the earthlings.

More and more pound dogs were showing up as the lies of Pauldog  became the norm; all but erasing the memories of what the ancient wisdom teachers taught. Those independent dogs who followed Pauldog were known as the “pound fathers” whose job it was to control the earthlings with as much fear as possible. This was just the latest expression of the older pound rules that had existed long before. The best way to do that was to create an “all powerful” fake Dragon that was up in the sky somewhere, watching every move the earthlings made. That fake Dragon was very angry and seethed with a plan to punish all  who dared not submit and conform to the rules that the Pound Fathers created. This new fake Dragon was much like the one from long go, but with new rules that further restricted the earthlings.

Now, the nastiest of all the Pound Fathers was a self-appointed dog of evil intentions. Iraeneusdog was his name. Severity, dishonesty and distortions were the edicts from his lofty place of control. He took the books of the ancient teachers, wrote his own distortions of their teachings to fit his own views, misquoted them, and then labeled those ancient teachers as liars instead of admitting to his own lies. After all that, he presented his own “truth” as the only right way. This was his new recipe for dog food. Then he burned all the old recipes so no one would ever find out what they were. The inherent “poison” in his dog food was to be a continuation of Pauldog’s lies—a poison that would doom all Pound Fathers in all the future of Dragonology!

But all that the Pound Fathers could do proved to not be enough to control

either all the dogs leading their own pounds or the earthlings in them. The earthlings that had left the whole scene of poundism were the most threatening to those in control. They had to act.

As the Pound Fathers sat down with the head Dragon of their small world reality, there were 325 of them in all, who promised the head Dragon their full support if only he would make them as powerful as he. To accomplish this the Pound Fathers secured the cooperation of all those seated. That Canine Council became known by its dragonian new rules. From now on ALL other pound fathers were ruled as heretic dogs and they would conform or die—earthlings too. Their new rules were called DOG-ma! But this was soon to become DOG-pa, filled with the energies of genocide, misogyny, xenophobia, fear, and punishment. Now,

burning heretic dogs in public became the norm for the self-righteous Pound Fathers still controlled by the Dragon Empire. But just for fun, they also created the idea of a Messiah Dog that would come and rescue all those imprisoned by the DOG-pa rules and the poison dog food they created. One day, that Messiah Dog would come, even before they died, they were promised. But as each generation of Pound Fathers came and died, Messiah Dog never showed up. This great hoax was even called the “blessed hope;” just to reinforce the control of the Pound Fathers who were now under the total control of Popedog, arch dogs, and cardinal dogs!

The earthlings who scattered were hunted down and burned as examples to all who dared disobey. That suppression was to last for hundreds of years, all reinforced by Augustdog who invented the dog-pa of “original poopiness,” straight from the biggest Dragon of all—Shadow Dragon. To convince the Pound Fathers of their poopy nature would ensure they’d pass this on to the earthlings, but with money as a motive of course. Confessions of poopiness, paying for being so labeled, but doing so with gratitude, and the continuous running laps around the pound of control, would all secure The Dragon realm forever; or so they hoped. All the rules were put in a new dog pound manual. It was labeled a “holy book” in a different language than the earthlings understood. The even printed it on fancy paper and bound it in leather stamped with the gold letters–“The Holy Pound Manual.” They claimed that this book came from that imaginary fake Dragon up on the sky. So with that, the earthlings were pooped on every time a dog father pretended to read it as the only “truth” in the whole of the Pound Empire.

The deceptions within the Dragon Empire grew immensely behind the walls of the VaticaPound. Only male dogs were allowed there. The females were too untrustworthy to be part of this Dog Pound. Females were only needed for puppies. There was no need for them otherwise since the puppies were sent in from the outside for training. The males pretended to be so devoted to the

Dragon that they would put aside even legitimate needs for their cause! But, another sinister plot was unfolding, as along came the Pedodogs and the abuse of all the male puppies that came there as “servants.”

But somehow the VaticaPound had to survive. How could they pay their bills since none of them worked at a real job? Ah! The answer was found by charging all the earthlings for their poopiness. To confess one’s being poopy to the dog in charge became the norm. Only a small fee was demanded. As poop was turned into cash, the more being poopy would cost. Cash was now the new dog food. With all that, the Dragon Empire flourished. The earthlings were now even more imprisoned by the control energies of the dogs.

The oppression became so strong that rebellion was once again becoming an option. But how? That was a scary question. With visions of others’ blood being spilled, the flames of torched victims, and the horrendous tortures of the past, rebellion would require more time to take shape. But, after many years passed, the Dragon empire no longer was able to burn or torture all the earthlings that had spread out far and wide. While they were mostly still pretending to obey, they were still paying for not just being poopy, but were also deceived into paying to escape a fire after death. Added to that was the promise that they would have some future mansion in the sky and streets of gold around it. But finally one day, enough was enough and rebellion could wait no longer.

As Lutherdog got fed up with the sham of it all, he wrote down 95 demands for reform. He took that list and nailed it to the door of the VaticaPound. But Lutherdog had a few problems of is own. His love of the $$ was strong. He also had no respect whatever for the feminine. He thought he too was “chosen” in some special way. He was envious of the power and control enjoyed by the VaticaDogs. The truth was, he was just another abusive male figure. And, while he was able to influence others to rebel, he himself never left the Pound.

As rebellion encourages more rebellion, along came the most vicious dog in the history of The Pound—Calvindog. Self-serving, “special” by his own definition, “pre-destined” to be great (in his own mind) Calvindog led all the reform dogs around The Empire. Rebellion was now in vogue. Yet Calvindog demanded that  all earthlings follow him as he eagerly took on the role of the new Popedog; he was different in name only. Reformadogs were now increasing in number. The Empire was hugely damaged by all this, but would still pretend that its views were the only views permitted. Each and every Dog to come along after this was nothing more than a smaller Popedog doing his own thing for the same results—money, fame, and control. They were no more than Preacherdogs whose “Sit! Stay!” and “Rollover!” brought them much more money. That was all they knew in the deceptions of The Reformed Pound. The following parade to Preacherdogs was to seem endless as they kept appearing on the scene of history.

Wesleydog came along a bit later. He considered himself to be very special because he had a method superior to all before him. They called his followers Methodist Dogs. But these were just more deceived earthlings trying to bark with a method. Perhaps they should have been called Meth Dogs; high on insecurity.

As history unfolded, the dogs were becoming more and more focused on rules and sins and forcing the earthlings to submit. They used the same old shame, guilt, wickedness, fear of punishment and more to control the earth beings. There were Fundydogs of different sizes, colors, tail lengths, ear shapes, and snarling teeth. It was probably their willingness to constantly show their teeth, and frequently use those teeth to wound the earthlings that set them apart as Hellfiredogs.

Oraldog came along with claims that he could heal the earthlings from anything that troubled them if they just had enough faith in his poop ointment. Some did, some didn’t. His face was seen all over because of the latest gadget called The Pound Tube. Because of the fundy’s message it became known as The Terror Tube. The very images themselves gave the earthlings a false sense of the “authority”  as the Tube Dogs enjoyed this new form of control. The fundy dogs became The Doormat Dogs who wiped their dogma feet on the earthlings and demanded a “thank you” in offerings to The Dragon for being thus smeared with the guilt and shame of the Dog Pound.

Billydog soon followed as the Terror Tube became very popular. He loved to preach lies and make the earthlings so uncomfortable that they’d walk down the aisles to buy into some kind of solution for their imposed guilt. Billydog loved the fires of Satandog wherein all would burn forever in “bodies” that didn’t yet exist. Nor would those bodies ever exist except in the twisted perversions of the Dogma Dogs. Ultimately Billydog failed and grew very, very old. His son became proof of that failure, not ever realizing that the loudest voice is the evidence of zero authority.

Jerrydog was soon to follow; his premise being exactly the same as Billydog but he was even more powerful because he owned a fake “university” that trained earthlings in the lies of Jerrydogism. And, while he falsely claimed to be heading up The Moraldog Majority, he too ultimately failed. His son also became the most miserable failure of all as he encouraged the young earthlings to openly carry guns to kill the “false dogs” the he saw on the horizon.

Then along came Pattydog and his club of 700 make-believe Pound Tube followers who promised to give him lots of money to be deceived further along the trail. But he was just another dose of fear for all who dared watch him on the Terror Tube. He claimed to have power over all The Devil Dogs and The Chief Dragon Dog. But his fake words only served to make him lots of money just like the others.

Soon, The Mega Dogs would appear; each one building his own huge megapound for the earthlings that felt secure in large groups; not realizing the value of individual responsibility. But Rickdog, Joeldog, Oraldog Jr., Jackdog, Jilldog and more rose up to deceive the earthlings even more. Each had their own twist on the message of guilt and shame. And, twisted indeed they were as they grabbed huge amounts of money, all while producing nothing but the deceptions of The Dragon—but in the name of Dogma. No pound was too big. No lie too shameful. No earthling was good for anything but wiping their feet on them as money was handed over to somehow lessen their fears. Today, the mega nonsense is dying even as they proclaim the opposite. No house built upon the “sands” of dogma can withstand the storm. The storm clouds are once again gathering on the horizon. The deceptions will only end as the storm hits again once again to awaken both the earthlings and the dogs. Many more fake dogs would come on the scene as the confusion spread over The Dragon Empire! Hypocrisy Dogs, Political Dogs, and Legislative Dogs were everywhere. Among them were Sarahdog, Michelledog, Repubdogs, Cruzdog, Trumpdog, Hillarydog, Mitchdog, and many more.




But why were the Dogs turned loose is the first place? What possibly could be behind this? From an eternal perspective, the Dogs were let loose to teach us all about our own doggyness. The Dragon is only a fake symbol that earthlings use to blame for their own doggyness instead of choosing a different way of being and living. Shadow Dogs are everywhere around us and their main job is projecting their own negative issues onto others instead of owning them and choosing to live in integrity. The dogs were let loose to help us choose to not be one, but to own every part of the old doggyness energies and transform ourselves into more beauty and purpose than we’ve ever known. In one sense, we are all responsible for letting the dogs loose. We knew that we needed to see our own inner issues that we’ve come to Earth to deal  with and grow beyond. All the dogs are but symbols of The Dragon we fear. The Dragon within that we fear to face and slay, holds the treasure of our lifetime. The greatest need for humanity is to discover and experience their true identity by waking up to know The Divine Within that reveals that we truly are Divinity in human form.

The Hero’s Journey, (as first revealed by Joseph Campbell in his book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces and George Lucas in Star Wars), is for all of          us to experience as the three stages of being human. The Departure, The Awakening/Initiation, and The Return. The Hero is each one of us, like Luke Skywalker, who learned to slay the Empire Dragon and return with a message of healing and empowerment for all others.  Listen to the talk radio show, Beyond Religion Your Life Is Waiting, on VoiceAmerica.com talk radio. It is on the 7th Wave channel. Here you will find much support for your spiritual journey. See also  www.MeetJimStacey.com and Meet Jim Stacey on Facebook.

We can be much more than the earthlings who, deceived by the empire, live in fear, shame, separation and the loss of purpose. We are capable of being much more than ever before. Are you willing to rise above it all and claim your most beautiful self? Beyond the doggy nonsense is the integrity of being real like never before. You can! We can! Arf! Arf!

Any resemblance between this story and the history of Christianity is  purely intentional. It is all based upon the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) who was left in the dust of history by the organized church and its fabricated dogma of control. He said to the falsely pious Pharisees, “You are like dogs sleeping in        the manger. Neither do you eat the hay (the kingdom of heaven) but you are preventing others from eating (entering that same kingdom).” He was speaking  of those who enter the kingdom that is within themselves, and those who do    not recognize their true identity and responsibility. He added: “What you bring forth from within will save you, and what you do not bring forth from within will destroy you.” (But the church conveniently left that part out.) And, perhaps the greatest unanswered question for all is: “How is   a person to enter what is already within themselves?”

More on all of this in my book, Liberating Jesus From Christianity. Now on Amazon and available at bookstores everywhere. Just ask them to order it if they do not yet stock it.

What if: The Grand Council was The Patriarchal Age of old

The Dog Pounds were the different religions of men

The Storm was the Age of Reason in ancient Egypt

The Feminine was Hypatia and the Age of Wisdom

The Independent Dogs were the Church Fathers of old


–Jim Stacey, All Rights Reserved